Str8 outta the streets of (the slowly mapped) San Pablo City

Posted by ianlopez1115 on 28 August 2008 in English (English)

I had no GPS with me when I ran last Sunday yet I finished 50 37/60 minutes in the 5K event. Still, I wasn't discouraged from adding more nodes and found some points of interests along the way (and finished at 50 minutes & 38 seconds).

For the longest time, the "monstrosity" (sorry for that term, way ahead of the oncoming criticism) called "that Recreational Center" (I can't just say its name, possibly tantamount to promotion), just got untagged. To be specific about it, I just removed the place=city tag on it so that the "visitors" don't have to see it yet again.

Also, I just improved some spots in Metro Manila (read: Makati City, eastern Mandaluyong City, Camp Aguinaldo, the Scout Area, somewhere in Novaliches & CAMANAVA & "downtown" Manila) and added some postal codes (ZIP Codes for others) on certain streets in one place or another.

That's enough for now. I gotta go, since I have a field trip tomorrow. hoppefully, a break from doing "OSM fieldwork".

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