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Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion about 1 year ago

Hello all!

To be honest I did probably not follow every single thread in all the mailing lists and / or forums, so bear with me if my view on this issue might look a little naive.

I have the same feeling as Vincent de Phily that two different issues are thrown into one pot and instead need to be differentiated.

My personal view on things is by far not as “alarming” as this blog post:

When it comes to the tone in which discussions are held on internet forums or mailing lists in general, I have come across far worse places than OSM. Most posts in the OSM world tend to be focused on solving an actual issue or passing information, whereas in many other places outside of OSM they drift off, with people insulting each other after a couple of posts.

Being rude to each other has nothing to do with gender. Some people are simply not able discuss things in a friendly way, especially online, as written information is different from meeting someone in person. Written information is prone to misunderstandings and of course the threshold is lower, when it comes to drifting off towards a bad tone.

Discussing issues and working in a team, even if it is a large online “team” like OSM, needs training. Everyone can work on his / her own behaviour by challenging his or her actions. Changing perspectives from time to time also helps in understanding the other person.

A Code of Conduct is no solution for the given problem.

The second point which is being discussed here is gender and inclusion. Personally, I do not care at all if the person I am dealing with on OSM is male, female or regards his- / herself in a state somewhere in between. Especially when looking at OSM member profiles, most of them don’t even give a hint on the possible gender.

I am aware that in many countries and societies gender equality is far from being reality. Even in Germany, where I live, there is not always equal pay and theory differs from the actual situation in many places. But that is a problem of the society someone is living in and how people are socialized in that society. It is not a problem of OSM which needs higher attention than other problems.

Currently the above two issues are being “pushed up” in priority in a way that in my eyes does not resemble reality for most of the OSM world. Keep in mind: repeating information over and over does not make it more true. That applies to every information.

A little excursion to what I have experienced when trying to interest people of non-male gender in editing for OSM: most find the project interesting, but are either not willing to invest time or are simply not interested in technical things. The latter is the case with many jobs as well. There are no gender specific hurdles (at least in Germany) when it comes to choosing a technical profession. Still, the percentage of women in many classical male dominated jobs is lower. I am not saying that this is all caused by women not being interested in technical jobs, but it certainly contributes to it and OSM is facing the same dynamics. That way we end up being an almost all male OSM group in my city. I took my wife to one of our monthly meetings and asked her how she found it. She’s not interested in taking part in OSM but confirmed a nice atmosphere afterwards. I invite all new mappers in the area without even knowing their gender to show up at the monthly meetings, in order to learn more about OSM and meet some people, but it is all males showing up. Just my 2 cents…

Canal and bridges over 1 year ago

How did “bridge:ref” get into the wiki…? The article seems to be well established.

I have never tagged a bridge reference, and have no idea about the proper usage of the tag, but coming across your blog entry I found it interesting that both keys seem to be popular and only one of them has a wiki article.

@SK53 do you know what caused this discrepancy?

LPG, Erdgas, GPL, Autogas, CNG … ist doch egal! almost 2 years ago

Als Erdgasfahrer stoße ich auch immer wieder auf Leute, denen die Unterschiede gar nicht klar sind. Die kennen nur “Gastankstelle”.

Bei CNG ist die Lage bei den Anschlüssen recht klar, da variiert höchstens einmal die Form des Griffes.

Schönen Tag Euch!

"Urban India" mappers? almost 3 years ago

Hello Muralidhar!

Everybody is aware of the work that your mappers are putting into the project (especially in these strange political times), but I would also like to add a recommendation. Please make sure you establish some kind of quality assurance, as in many cases there is a lot of unusable data being put into the OSM database by some mappers caused (most probably) from fingertrouble or rushed uploading. Also it is important to somewhat stick to the OSM Wiki and use the established tags. Many changesets have been commented on, with not much reply from the mapper. Just some examples:

The mappers seem to use JOSM, which usually saves you from uploading strange things in many cases, but of course these validator messages have to receive a quick look and not be easily discarded…

Happy mapping!