GSoC - week 3

Posted by hesidoryn on 4 June 2018 in English (English)

Hello, Community!

Last week I implemented history call to retrieve all old versions of an element, version call to retrieve a specific version of the element and added possibility to specify version number for element in multi fetch call, i.e.:

  • GET /api/0.6/[node way relation]/#id/history
  • GET /api/0.6/[node way relation]/#id/#version
  • GET /api/0.6/[nodes ways relations]?#parameters (added optional version number)

Request examples:

Unfortunately, current and history tables contains the same data, so currently it’s not possible to get all element’s history or some old version of element.

Next week I will implement relations for element and ways for node calls. So I will finish all read-only elements calls.

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