Hello, Community!

I’m trying to implement Openstreetmap API using Go language.

I started to implement single element, multi element and full element fetch calls, i.e.:

  • GET /api/0.6/[node way relation]/#id
  • GET /api/0.6/[nodes ways relations]?#parameters
  • GET /api/0.6/[way relation]/#id/full

To test that API works fine I used test suite. All routes are passed these tests. You can find detailed test reports here.

API demo is located here. Request examples:

Database contains data only in bbox=27.61649608612061,53.85379229563698,27.671985626220707,53.886459293813054 and data can be out of date.

Location: Нізкі Рынак, Tsentralny District, Minsk, 220030, Belarus

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