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Introducing MapRoulette Quick Fixes over 2 years ago

Great feature to add to MR Martijn! Is there the possibility to export the “Yes”/”No” geojsons in the same way as is possible with resolution states in regular MR challenges?

Hospitals in Iran - Reflections on Updating the Map for COVID-19 almost 3 years ago

Well written Chris! I am setting up a amenity=hospital check in Ireland to help ensure infrastructure around hospitals is in good shape. While I am only looking at features visible from aerial/street level imagery, I am hoping to follow it up for those on the ground that can add/verify existing information related to website, opening hours, services etc. Great initiative here!

New data sources available for Western Australian roads over 5 years ago

This is Great. I’ve only recently gotten into the Australian effort for OSM, and in the Perth area noticed alot of residential roads with absent names. While its low impact, it seemed like a decent place to start and also get used to the tool. The site has good data for streetnames, and another handy way to highlight the segments without names is a Map Paint Style called ‘Streets Have No Name’. Give it a go! Thanks