Posted by grass_and_green on 21 October 2015 in English (English)

Dear All,

Grass&Green Still improve the classification quality of grass-related features in OSM @ Germany We still need more analysis and feedback from you all to improve the tool and afterwards apply the methodologies in other locations. Here, are some results

It was village_green only. Which is in some location in Germany is not familiar term. Our contributors labeled it as “Park”. It has been checked with 14 contributors. Alt text

The next was only grass with fence, the contributors with our tool. make it “Graden” which is more expressive information than grass with fence.It was checked by 5 contributors. Alt text

The next was labeled as “Park”, however its characteristics is far from being park for amusements and entertainment. Out tool correct it to the reasonable classification as “Garden” Alt text

Finally, we still need your contributions. It is added to your editing history and scores. Just Visit Grass&Green and login by your OSM account. Alt text

then, Contribute simply Alt text

Thanks for all previous and coming contributors

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