Grassy entity is park, garden, meadow, grass, or forest, etc....who know?

Posted by grass_and_green on 21 September 2015 in English (English)

Hallo Everyone,

Green is everywhere around us. The most noticeable color on the map is the Green: farms, parks, gardens, forests, meadows, etc. Furthermore, the classification of such of these entities plays a major role in many applications: POI search, ecosystems, climate changes, environmental monitoring, etc. At the same time, these entities on OSM are poorly attract investigations (Mostly have 1-5 versions).

Thus, we target these entities classifications by designing QA tool called Grass&Green. Feature-targeted tools is the powerful solution to manage the data quality. E.g, how many tools investigate the street networks and how it is now looks like (perfect). So, contribute a few of your time in QA tools is required and as much important as contribute new data.

Help us to:

  • understand how people perceive and use grassy entities
  • enrich VGI data and improve data quality
  • help the ecosystem for better environmental analysis


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