Grass&Green is a new tool pointing to crucial issue and need your support

Posted by grass_and_green on 31 August 2015 in English (English)

Dear OSM users,

Grass&Green is a new tool to improve the quality of data from classification perspective.The project aims to: 1) develop an appropriate classification of entities to support more use;2) guide the participants towards better understanding of the class;3) enrich the OSM data; 4) correct the miss classified data.

Is it a "park"? The given entities in the previous figure. Is is a park? could it be classified as a garden? what is the best classification of that entity? While in the next figure is the entity is a park or forest? could it classified as meadow?

Is is a "forest"? The tool is part of a research at Bremen University by Ahmed Loai Ali. The research argues that the appropriate classification of entities comes from the inherent characteristics of the entities and its geographical context. For example, when an area covered by grass and contains amusements and leisure properties then it is recommended to be classified as park, garden, recreation,..etc. Whereas when an identical entity contains nothing and full will woody plants, then it would be better to classify it as forest. While in other situation when a grass entity located between roundabouts and besides highways and aims to decoration purpose it could be classified as grass. When the entity used for agriculture then its field, farm, ..etc. For further details you could read our research publications.

The tool that we develop focus currently on German data only, and we still analysis the classification within the city boundaries. So, It represents a way to improve our research and our research plan still have more items.

The tool is online under We need to understand how participants see the classification of grass-related entities. We need to check if participants could really able to classify these type of entities correctly from only satellite images and local knowledge. To which extent is our generated recommendations matches with participants’ opinion.

Hence, It is a kindly call for participants. Let’s improve our data sets, Let’s understand various conceptual perspectives. I would appreciate your participation. Your comments and feedback and more than welcome.

Comment from Hedaja on 31 August 2015 at 19:54

Before I even really started I noticed that you are using Google Maps and Bing. I’m worried that OSM might run in to trouble if we use GMaps in your service. Is there any form of permission to us GMaps for your service/OSM?

Comment from Dalagan on 1 September 2015 at 13:03

Very nice tool!! Thank you!

Comment from DaCor on 2 September 2015 at 17:58

locking the zoom on the imagery layer kind of defeats the purpose. Users should be able to zoom in and perform a closer inspection

Comment from grass_and_green on 2 September 2015 at 22:49

@ daCor

It is a max valid zoom in.

@ dalagan thank your very much. Help us to improve it more and more contribute to the tool daily if possible

@ hedaja I remove the layer. I was not know that. Sorry for that error.

@ all

Please help to improve the tool more and more. It is just a start we have 1000’s of entities to be checked it is only in 10 German cities. together we could do more and more

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