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Do you know what this is? over 2 years ago

Skeet shooting it is!

Thanks guys!

Finishing up Stavanger, Norway about 4 years ago

Hey Bro!

Just imported some 158k address nodes in the region (Rogaland ) including Stavanger. This revealed loads of streets with missing and wrong names that I could now correct. Even if the data was sourced recently, there are streets that have changed names and corresponding houses with changed numbers since then. Most buildings are missing and I keep finding footways and paths hidden away between houses and so on. New constuctions keep popping up continously, of course.

How can one ever declare a city to be complete? I'd say never...

Big Fix over 6 years ago

These are known issues with the Tiger import. But thanks for all the fixups!

Airport Runway Names almost 7 years ago

See on how runways are named.
So if you have some free imagery of the the south one, you can measure the name with a anglefinder :-)

Restrictions and Routing almost 7 years ago

There are a few things that should be fixed here.
The on-ramp to B27 northbound should perhaps be split, like the one on the other side.
The on-ramp to B27 southbound has a broken turn restriction. The via-node is not the node between the from and to. It also has two ways with the to-role. Also, because the to-road is split and oneway, there is no need for the restriction in the first place.

There seems to be turning-lanes on the B84 that should be mapped individually.
The B84 bridge should also possibly be split, as it has a wide 'no crossing'-zone down the middle. This will also help mapping the turn-lanes.

B27 seems to have been split using a splitting tool (parallel ways). But one or more sections of the original way has been left in place. So now the road is triple...

best regards

Trampolineland over 7 years ago

Start (the latest stable version of) JOSM, click the link and watch magic happen.
Also worth enabling the Bing WMS layer :-)

Requirment over 7 years ago

Have a look through the first two links on the left (Help Centre and Documentation).
It could help writing a bit more about what you have to work with (addresses in a file? xml online?) and what you need (a mud-map on your web page? Visible on the main map?) etc.