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Will the DWG block us all one day? almost 3 years ago

I am not sure I can parse the text block. While I get all other items extracted, the free text is in different languages. See for example

Is there a free tier of a google translate API? Maybe you could use that, but don’t forget to make an Auftragsdatenverarbeitungsvereinbarung with Google first. All Hail the GDPR!

Cleaning up NHD in North Carolina over 5 years ago

I got stuck in Greenville, SC after being led there by Maproulette, and have also seen NHD data that is really way off. Running through big industrial areas etc. But I am very reluctant to delete those, as I don’t know whether the waterbodies have been put underground in culverts or removed completely.

So I align where I can, but I mainly leave alone the waterbodies I would classify as errors, because I dont have on the ground knowledge.

Should I place notes at those locations?

Blumenau over 5 years ago

Für faule wie mich: du meinst schon dieses Blumenau hier: ?

Counting cross-border roads about 6 years ago

Also, you’ll have to decide if you want to include private highways (access=private).

What may be more of a problem is that streets change names when crossing borders. See for example , which is “Nordhornsestraat” in the Nederlands (west) and “Denekamper Straße” in Germany (east), so both streets will not intersect the border, but only touch it, although I guess you’ll want to include them in your result set.

OSM auf dem 31. Chaos Communication Congress over 6 years ago

Danke für den Bericht und für euren Einsatz! over 6 years ago

…apparently, font support for BLACK LARGE CIRCLE (U+2B24) is very limited[1]. So you could include a font in your page that renders the symbol, or use another char.

[1] over 6 years ago

Nice tool!

I have a weird display problem with the legend: legend display

Some of the chars will not display; even when i test them on a completely different page: . The first symbol will render correctly, the second doesn’t.