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Take a look at my website and find out more about the impressive Kyocera Tk-170 Toner Cartridge kyocera tk170 toner

For maximum efficiency I recommend real TK-170 toner by KYOCERA Document Solutions, which is specifically created to be used by your printer. Toner particles of the wrong specifications can result in unsatisfactory print quality with streaky grey background or even ghosting on the print out. KYOCERA TK-170 toner includes ceramic cleaning beads which are important to guarantee the printer drum is clean and fragment free. This is particularly vital as our drums are designed to last several hundred thousand copies.

A KYOCERA genuine TK-170 toner cartridge will certainly either have the KYOCERA File Solutions logo design moulded into the toner cassette or the toner will certainly have a green KYOCERA File Solutions label on it with white writing including our logo.