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I've been a busy boy about 7 years ago

I’d like it to stabalise a bit first, but yes, the plan is to get these ebuilds into at least the openstreetmap overlay which appears to have been created for some josm related ebuilds, and never expanded from that. Ultimately I’d like to see them in portage, and to that end I’ve submitted a few already. The ebuilds themselves arent quite up to the Gentoo standards, but they work. Hopefully the Gentoo devs will take it from there. I’ve been re-arranging my web services a bit, so make sure you add www to the front of the overlay URL… that should work.

I've been a busy boy about 7 years ago

See… Now I know why they have a ‘use map’ link next to the location boxes :)

Seriously tho, Ive edited the post, and it says -33 in the editor, but its still showing 33 here. Perhaps its cached or something.

OSM Server Virtual Machine Available Now. about 7 years ago

Thanks Andrew for pointing me to this - great work. I’ll play with it gleefully in the very near future. “)

Im in ur mapz, stealing all ur nodes about 7 years ago

Thanks for the links. That will save me a lot of time, and Thank You for the work done to make the VM available :)

I run several VirtualBox VMs here - more if I can get my other physical server back up (just needs a bit of time spent on it), so I look forward to trying it out soon. The Wiki will be very helpful, as once Ive tried your ubuntu image, I’ll probably set one up on a gentoo/KDE to match the other VMs here. If the osm stuff isnt in portage (the gentoo version of apt) Im sure I can install it manually, following those links.

I spent several days trawling the osm wiki and other sites before I felt I was ready to sign up. I know all about the license change, the redaction bot and why, and Im pretty clear on what I can add and what I cant. So far Im tracing bing, using my local knowledge, and on occasion walking around the neighbourhood. Its not going to get much more complicated than that for a while. All the streets in my area are there, and named, so thats done - Im just adding a bit of extra detail, and repairing a few places I know well.

Thanks again for the pointers :)