A different perspective helps

Posted by gecho111 on 14 October 2020 in English (English)

The City of Regina has a WMS tile server for their biennial aerial ortho photography. I was using it recently to add tagging for multi-use pathways with lighting. I got to an area where I knew there was some lighting but the imagery was too orthogonal to spot the light poles. Then I remembered the oblique imagery captured at the same time can be viewed through their open data website. The oblique imagery lets you view any area of the city from 4 different angles, which made it easy to confirm the presence of lighting.

In some cases the oblique imagery is in better focus, revealing more details. The angle also makes it easier to spot small things like waste baskets, or items hidden below trees.

Orthogonal vs Oblique

Location: Sherwood Estates, Regina, Census Division No. 6, Saskatchewan, S4R 7M2, Canada

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