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On Sett Pavements about 1 year ago

Nice, thank you! I added the first photo to the wiki, feel free to leave a comment or suggest improvements.

On Sett Pavements about 2 years ago

Nice project!

If one day you could take a close up photo of the fans at Sint-Amandsstraat (looks like the patterns on this site) and upload it to Wikimedia Commons, it would be a great addition. Or if you can find a better example on Wikimedia Commons than the one already on the OSM wiki.

On Sett Pavements about 2 years ago

Hey, long time. Some have recently worked on the wiki article for surface=paving_stones adding some of these ideas, and another contribution defined a related tagging scheme for the Portuguese pavement, so I also tried to the same for surface=sett based on current usage. I couldn’t find public domain images for all the values you proposed, so you’re welcome to discuss and collaborate if you want.

How should we tag LGBTQ venues? over 4 years ago

In my not-so-extensive experience as a cis gay guy, restrictions and status (friendly vs preferred vs advertised) expected/enforced by services, dance clubs and sex clubs usually apply on:

  • orientation: straight-only, gay-only, gay-and-bi, mixed
  • orientation social status: out, closeted
  • current gender: male/female/intersex
  • birth gender: cissex/transsex
  • dressing gender expression: crossdresser
  • practice: fetish=yes/no/[list]
  • age

Reality allows for any combination of these and many more (looking at LGBTTQQIAAP and the Genderbread Person :P), but some are really common and some are very rare. In OSM we usually want both simplicity and expressiveness. I think a scheme inspired by access:conditional could bring interesting possibilities, so I’ll do some research to try to expand on this.

On Sett Pavements about 5 years ago

May I suggest that you join this proposal?

On Sett Pavements about 5 years ago

I would suggest that, instead of defining sett:pattern, it should be a broader tag such as paving_pattern=coursed/stacked/basketweave/herringbone/tudor/dutch/random/europeanfan/bogen/guilloche/mosaic/crazy/…, so that it can be used with paving_stones, cobblestone, and even grass_paver. Even concrete:plates could then be merged with concrete and the layout style moved to paving_pattern=plates.

On Sett Pavements about 5 years ago

And much delayed: I was using smoothness according to OSM definition. But I agree that tag’s name and values are quite vague (and it would be much better if they weren’t).

On Sett Pavements about 5 years ago

This has actually led me to quite an interesting forum thread.

On Sett Pavements about 5 years ago

Maybe the distinction between sett types that are good or bad to ride on with a city bike can be done by applying the smoothness tag.