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HOT-Philippines completes remote mapping and validation for Pampanga over 2 years ago

Hello @Mig_Imperial! This is Feye Andal, not Faye Vicario :p Anyway, welcome to the OSM community!

To answer your questions: 1./ Yes, I downloaded the building footprints in the Philippines per month using and cut it to Pampanga province, style it, then generate all these static maps to an animated map using an online GIF converter. 2./ Do you mean OSM mapping teams in the Philippines? If that’s what you are referring to, the active mapping teams in the OSMPH community are MapBeks, GeoLadies, Mental Health AWHEREness, and various local chapters of the YouthMappers network. 3./ For the building count, yes, I simply counted the building footprints per month.

Thank you, Migs!

Preparing for my first JOSM workshop - Tips/Suggestions? over 5 years ago

From our previous experiences, two-hours is too short for a JOSM workshop. You may consider using Edit with iD instead of teaching JOSM especially if the participants are beginners.

OpenStreetMap Workshop in Bogo, Cebu over 7 years ago

Sure, no problem, @wille. Thank you!