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#PDCSurabaya Destroyed Surabaya (and clarification below)

Posted by everyone_sinks_starco on 8 January 2017 in English (English)

= Update: See the comment section for clarification from HOT OSM Indonesia. Thanks bro/sist, they're do what I thinking about during writing of this rant =

My first entry is full of rants and criticism to HOT OSM Indonesia team, the people behind #PDCSurabaya event, who allowed their participant to corrupt and demolished much of Surabaya's data integrity on OpenStreetMap.

Despite all of "hard work" they made, I have discovered that before I partially fixed them (Gedung Keuangan Negara, schools and post office in Central Surabaya, name a few), many of already-good map data in Surabaya on OSM was lost or mangled. Building polygon 'merged' into area polygon as part of relations, and relations have much non-standard basic entries (address, school ownership and others, but I appreciate data additions about buildings although it is inaccurate), making it very difficult to simplify for better rendering on much-universal OSM data-based applications. Also, all third- (kodya), fourth- (kecamatan) and fifth-level (kelurahan) administrative borders are wiped (addition: not just wiping, they REALLY corrupted them. Querying locations around the Surabaya returned with empty Enclosing Features, and showing maxlat uncaught exception error on browser's inspect tool. This is never happened outside Surabaya where administrative borders are preserved). Polygon quality are mixed, mostly poor.

If HOT OSM wishes to make another PDC on other cities in Indonesia, PLEASE RESPECT OLD DATA BEFORE EDITING! It is a valuable basis and example to be copied for the project, not egoistically wiped them for your mangled data, which for me, needs more clarity. Government or individuals must openly provide data to them, to ease their work, especially on administrative border. If you want good example, see what I mostly have done in Denpasar and Amlapura (my hometown). Unfortunately I have no time to do mapping recently due to my own real-life issues.

To be honest, they should go outside the home for REAL survey.

And yeah, OSM Indonesia should expand beyond their disaster preparedness-related agenda, as OSM community in other countries RARELY made OSM just for disaster-related mapping. It is disastrous.

Location: the first entry where I have fixed building/landuse polygon amalgamation issues arising from #PDCSurabaya data demolition party.

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Location: RW 02, Krembangan Selatan, Krembangan, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia