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Unconnected ways and other data quality issues over 8 years ago

At first glance the routing tool didn't seem very good but I did find lots of possible mistakes when looking on red dots, most of them weren't very obvious and will need on ground checking..

Would be great if you there was an easy tool to ask the people who made the mistake if they believe it was an error or if it the roads are really connected.. I guess I can just manually mail them instead.

Reading - house numbers over 8 years ago

It's so boring right.

prematurkl├Ąder over 8 years ago


cannot edit with Iceweasel 3.0.11 on Debian over 8 years ago

For me this is a issue with flash on 64bit, changing WM doesn't help me. So I'm reluctantly using JOSM, which is becoming better at making mapping fun for me ("better" is not saying much).

Where's my Bridge? Where's my trails? over 8 years ago

the nodes are still yours.

pondering import of wind farms over 8 years ago

Upload your GPS with one 1 trackpoint and all the wind farms as way points, then you can edit in Potlatch.

Or try Josm.

Footpaths just missing roads over 8 years ago

A,B roads (though I'm unsure what they are) where needed to be tagged before we had relations, hence they still use ref=* tags. Cycle route mapping came after that, or rather cycle mapping it wasn't made main stream until relations.

I might be talking with out knowing enough though.

Footpaths just missing roads over 8 years ago

In the few cases I've seen where they don't connect there is either, a small highway=path;wheelchair=no leading up to the main road, or a waterway=ditch|barrier=* separating them from each other.

I tend to message the creator and ask.

NEW IN OPENSTREETMAP over 8 years ago

This is not the site you are looking for.

Y por favor no usa el "caps lock" sale muy dificil entenderte.

OSM and PROCESSING lang? over 8 years ago

Actually the first one wasn't Processing it was a memory hungry Java Swing applet (or some other standard UI toolkit). Not sure how many edits were made with it.

Resignation in protest almost 9 years ago

I'm highlighting the fact that it says "map" just a few word after geodata. I know it's hard to express the importance that we have access to not only the map but all the data as well, but the current text is much more about the map than the database.

Resignation in protest almost 9 years ago

@Richard You mean where it says that street maps should be free for anyone that wants to use them. "OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them." as in Open Street Map.

@DiverCTH I agree that at least the voting process was like nothing I've ever seen. Most of the time how/when/why of voting is heavily regulated, it's not in OSM no clue why, maybe differences in culture.

Resignation in protest almost 9 years ago

Harry, I don't really understand that attitude of yours. ODBL has several issues that several people with a long history in OSM have put forward. What AndresFuentes says is exactly the same response I've gotten from several PD/SA fanatics and normal people, these are the people I can talk license issues with other people just give me blank stares.

Too big to fail is how I see the ODBL drama. Nothing wrong with that, I'm just bitter.

South Lake Survey almost 9 years ago

Is the app availabe?

Unwanted green spots about 9 years ago

Didn't know about shift-backspace, that was agood tip.

Addressing addresses about 9 years ago

To add POIs I use the beta version of mgmaps , which is a j2me app. Then I save the favorites as KML file convert it to osm, it's not a perfect work flow.. :-) When I get time I'm going to use nutiteqs lib to do a custom Openstreetmap version. Going to look at this sometime after new year, but you are free to do it for me.. :-)

Frustration over 9 years ago

So a lot of people agree with you, and we have a server here in Sweden that we are going to use to render the country side. I will hopefully work with it next week hope we can work together.. There is still the problem with choosing when to use the countryside style or not..

User:ingwa told me that he is going to use Spreadnik to handle the mapnik style sheet, he was told at SOTM that it's the best tool.

Frustration over 9 years ago

BTW please post your progress with your stylesheet, it would be really cool to have more people working on rural problems.. :-)

Frustration over 9 years ago

Well Thailand is far denser populated than Sweden (on average!), so I understand you pain. As Wynndale says if you have the will you can try to get Mapnik to implment it, I've only had the strength to send one email on the OSM mailing list (getting no response).

Frustration over 9 years ago

Budhai.... You know things move forward, in the begining we could wait months for rerendering of the map, there was no standard way to tag footways.

As rural users you have to work and fight to get what you want, I think the people to nag is the Mapnik people. Since they are the ones who decide what shows up on the map, and they can solve it technically.

Things I have been thinking whlie mapping rural areas is:
1. mores pois in non dense areas
2. height curves
3. mapping signs (a road to the left 500km to Mumbai)

You apparently have tried changing the stylesheets on cloudmades servers do you have anything that works for your situation, then perhaps we can see how it works for us in other parts of the world.