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Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution – Request for Support about 1 month ago


The number of the month: 74.9 percent about 4 years ago

@tyr_asd: It is a question of relating numbers. There are peaks in the usage e.g. from Philipines and from Malaysia, each around 400 different users. These are ten times more users than usual from these countries. That there is also a large number of users from the US is doesn’t change that enormous increase in other countries with a small user base so far.

@imagico: Of course we would like commercial users to get their own instance and pay for it. But that is not the point here.

To both: there have been 400 users from each Malaysia and Philipines (and a lot of other countries). Should we have the capacities to offer to them good service at first try? Should we give a first impression as a vibrant community with useful data and tools? Or should we accept that the service (and maybe OSM as a whole) appears sluggish to these users at the first contact, because it is most likely that first contact happens during a load peak?

In other words, there are two questions here:

  • Do we consider these peak users as people we would like to attract? I would say that people who had a benefit from obtaining geodata from OSM are likely to get back at a later point in time to contribute. Not all, but if 10 percent come back with an intrinsic motivation then we have enlarged the community. It is, by the way, how I myself have come to OSM. The data was already useful, but there have been things to add or to correct.

  • Do we want to earmark resources to leave a better first impression to these users, or are resources elsewhere more efficient? Given this event I would say that a second server may make sense.

Global Validation Procedure over 5 years ago

Concerning the original validation procedure: I you want to download the data in one go or at least larger chunks then you can use the mirrored_download plugin. It adds an extra menu item “Download from mirror …” that allows to fetch the data from the Overpass API instead of the main API. That saves load for the main API and increases as a side effect download speed.

Overpass-API nutzen um Daten innerhalb einer Relation zu finden. almost 7 years ago

Die Grenzrelation von Gießen lässt sich z.B. wie folgt nutzen:

Generell würde ich benannte Areas empfehlen, da sich Ids auch mal ohne Vorwarnung ändern können. Da es auch einen Landkreis Gießen gibt, habe ich über admin_level=8 gezielt die Stadt gegriffen.