JOSM 7287 released

Posted by don-vip on 3 July 2014 in English (English)

The June version of JOSM is now available (a bit late) as version 7287 :)

This version brings some technical enhancements and a lot of bugfixes, here's the changelog:

Notable changes

major changes/enhancements

  • Extrude action: add dual alignment mode
  • Automatic reloading of local map paint styles and validator rules on file change
  • Automatic update for imagery entries using id

minor enhancements

  • Allow setting shortcut for Move Node to Way
  • Mac OSX: register JOSM package as .osm files editor
  • Remote Control:
    • allow it to work from in https on Windows by installing JOSM certificate
    • allow to select objects by a search expression in load_and_zoom/zoom handlers
  • MapCSS:
    • add right- and left-hand traffic database, update roundabout icons (new pseudo-class-condition :righthandtraffic)
    • add number_of_tags expression to get number of tags, print and println to show debugging output
  • Presets/Map styles:
    • use of new leaf_type and leaf_cycle keys in presets, deprecate old wood and type values
    • add highway=elevator
    • better rendering of bridges, tunnels, highways, cycleways, turning circles

Summarized changelog

Complete changelog

Milestone view (need login)

Cheers, Vincent

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