JOSM 7182 released (first Java 7 version)

Posted by don-vip on 26 May 2014 in English (English)

The May release of JOSM is now available as version 7182 :)

As said before, this version is the first tested version compatible only with Java 7 or later.

Java 7 is used today by 91% of users running JOSM 7000 or above. 5% are running Java 8, and only 4% are still running Java 6.

If you're still running Java 6 and would like to update, you have to:

  • On Windows, go to and download Java 7
  • On Mac OSX, same. But you should have a look to the Oracle FAQ. The important thing is that Java 7 requires an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X version 10.7.3 (Lion) or above.
  • On Linux, install the Java 7 package (for example, openjdk-7-jre on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint)

Like for the previous migration (Java 5 to 6), the previous version (7000) will remain available on JOSM website for several years, so if you're stuck on Java 6, you will be able to download it again if needed.

For more details about Java 7 migration, see here.

This version brings a lot of technical changes, many enhancements and bugfixes, here's the changelog:

Notable changes

major changes/enhancements

  • First release compatible only with Java 7 or later
  • Code cleanup, drop deprecated features, improve unit tests
  • MapCSS:
    • Major performance improvements
    • Use MapCSS for the default map style
    • Add support for canvas{fill-color}, deprecate canvas{background-color}
    • Add support for alpha info in color property
    • Various improvements to default map style
    • Deprecate use of length() for lists, use new function count() instead
    • Add function any() according to MapCSS standard, deprecate coalesce()
    • Add functions min() and max() according to standard
    • Make greater-than sign optional in child selectors
  • Add a Move Node onto Way action (opposite of Join Node to Way)
  • Add double-click selection mode (select polygons/multipolygons by a double-click inside)
  • WMS: Improve support of transparent tiles

minor enhancements

  • Extrude mode: new parameter extrude.initial-move-threshold (to tune ignoring small movements)
  • Zoom: new parameter zoom_to_selection_min_size_in_meter to set the minimum dimension of the area (in meters) for the "zoom to selection" action
  • Support josmdir:// URIs for files inside JOSM config directory
  • Presets/Map styles:
    • Add landuse=plant_nursery, barrier=swing_gate
    • Add new bridge types; drop icons for bridge= on nodes
    • Add support for alternative_autocomplete_keys in presets, esp. auto-complete addr:street also from name
    • Disable no value for some checkboxes in the preset dialog

other enhancements

  • Show distance in status line when 2 nodes are selected
  • New command line option to enable debug level ''trace''
  • Add "call relation editor" to context menu of validator dialog
  • Jumping to play head marker when playing next audio

Summarized changelog

Complete changelog

Milestone view (need login)

Cheers, Vincent

Comment from JBacc1 on 28 May 2014 at 18:19

Move Node onto Way! Good, we have hoped for it to happen! Is there a way to affect a shortcut to the action? I couldn't find it in the prefences/keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for making JOSM such a powerful tool.

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