JOSM 6766 released !

Posted by don-vip on 28 January 2014 in English (English)

Version 6766 of JOSM has just been released as new tested version, the first of 2014 :)

This is a pretty big release, both in numbers (264 commits, 155 tickets !) and features:

Notable changes

major enhancements

  • Presets:
    • Refactorization by introducing <chunk id="X"> and <reference ref="X"/>
    • Extension by introducing <preset_link preset_name="..." /> to add a link to another preset
  • Upload window - source: add knowledge, survey to selection, compute value from layers
  • MapCSS: syntax improvements:
    • Regular expression support for key conditions
    • Comparison of two key values ([key1 = *key2])
    • New set class instruction and .class selector
    • New spatial "element of" (inner ∈ outer)
    • New crossing operator (area ⧉ area)
    • New unconnected pseudo class for nodes without parent way
    • Add option to include colour preferences of external styles
    • Determine opacity/transparency of a color using alpha()
  • Validator:
    • New MapCSS-based tag checker/fixer
    • Centralized service for custom Tagchecker
  • Better zoom to selection/conflict when the objects in question are small
  • Prompt dialogs: more "do not show again..." choices
  • Add "Search for objects by preset" action (Shift-F3)
  • wayselector plugin integrated into main program

minor enhancements

  • Initialize default center view of map to last download location instead of (0,0)
  • Remote control:
    • New arguments changeset_comment and changeset_source to load_and_zoom handler to add changeset tags
    • Add command description to usage page
  • History dialog: UI tuning, shortcuts for up/down arrow keys
  • Advanced object info: add "Center of bounding box", and "Centroid" for ways
  • Colour coding of conflicting tags/memberships in way combining dialog
  • Improvements of proxy support and error handling
  • Make Unix web browsers configurable via browser.unix property
  • Presets/Map styles:
    • Update of presets for man_made=surveillance, place_of_worship, artwork, railway, power=substation, boundary=political, surface, amenity=charging_station, amenity=parking*, barrier/entrance
    • Addition of natural=sand, building=construction, railway=switch, boundary=postal_code
    • Replacement of emergency=aed by emergency=defibrillator
    • Display capacity as a name complement for labels
    • Display highway=road differently
  • Tools - Create/Update Multipolygon:
    • Update multipolygon if a multipolygon relation is selected
    • Remap keyboard shortcut to Ctrl-B and Ctrl-Shift-B
  • Validator:
    • Verify links on highways
    • Check ways with duplicate way segments
    • Detect crossing barrier, landuse, natural, boundary
    • Validate :lanes and :conditional tags
    • Validate nodes inside polygons with the same values
    • Many test improvements

sub-minor enhancements:

  • Allow to build JOSM from a git mirror clone
  • Make dynamic buttons features disabled by default
  • Distinguish number of conflicts on nodes, ways and relations
  • Unicode normalization and multiple whitespace removal in tags
  • Allow to enable debug log messages by command-line argument --debug

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