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My edits get deleted - fighting automated scripts over 9 years ago

Example location, and I've put this road in twice now, so it should be in the system some where.

England, Cumbria, Locate "Port Carlisle" (Its to the west of Carlisle on the coast). The Unclassified road that leads to "Port Carlisle" from the east does infact continue past "Port Carlisle" round the coast through Bowness-on-Solway, round past the airfield (which has massive radio masts and only one of my 3 GPS units could get a signal), and on to Anthorn.

GPX Sensible file sizes over 10 years ago

Also donated some cash to their hardware fund.

GPX Sensible file sizes over 10 years ago

I have been drawing after every batch - just the roads in the highlands of Scotland are quick to draw once you can follow a GPS track. All uploaded now, and the tracks are public, I know of several other folks using my GPS tracks to map parts of Peak District and the highlands.