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Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution – Request for Support 28 days ago

I support this proposal

My August 2020 in OSM about 2 months ago

based on your local experience (not people working professionally in the field, i.e. not counting attendance of employees to international conferences), what is your guesstimate for female mappers (compared to the rest, i.e. mappers that don’t identify themselves with the term female) in your area? From what I see locally, on various mailing lists and fora, more than 5% does not seem likely.

My August 2020 in OSM about 2 months ago

Actually I did not claim we do not have the problem of having too few female mappers in OpenStreetMap (because we actually do have too few), what I wrote was that IMHO the problem is not having too few women in the OpenStreetMap-Foundation board, because actually women are over represented on the board compared to the number of female mappers.

Why I am mapping trees 3 months ago

your adhoc tag natural=fallen_tree seems perfectly valid, suitable and intuitive for this situation. What are your doubts? I’d go an document it, there are already 9 of them ;-)

Why I am mapping trees 3 months ago

Great post. Maybe the natural=tree_stump is also of interest for your tree mapping, thinking about trees cut down for safety reasons, it can create the gap.

Announcing an Update to Daylight Map Distribution 4 months ago

Can you please explain in more detail which kind of edits you remove? Is it about names, geometry or additional tags? Are political boundaries for every recognized country contained? Are there countries where the contained boundaries have to be swapped with a different set for legal reasons, and if yes, are these alternative boundaries also contained?

Parkplatzanalyse mit OSM-Daten am Berliner Praxisbeispiel „Pop-up-Radweg“ 5 months ago

interessante Analyse, Kompliment!

What does the path say? 10 months ago

another “whoosh” in Italian:

What does the path say? 10 months ago

This is the typical situation where one extrapolates from the local situation to presumed worldwide implications. IMHO we should always add surface tags to highways, as it removes uncertainty. Here 3 examples from my local area that illustrate how the legal, signposted reality does not meet with central European expectations:

combined footway and cycleway combined footway and cycleway

pedestrian area - with some “exceptions” pedestrian area - with some "exceptions"

cycleway with some obstacles - whooosh cycleway with some obstacles

cobblestone cycleway along the river, maxspeed 10km/h - taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap cobblestone cycleway along the river, maxspeed 10km/h

Thoughts on OSMF Election 2019 12 months ago

Great, I’m also happy that all 4 seats go to (true) community members with lots of dedication for OpenStreetMap!

Some guidance on this year's OSMF AGM resolution votes 12 months ago

Normal members are also personally liable with their property in case OpenStreetMap-Foundation goes bankrupt - up to 1 (one) GBP per person.

Thoughts on OSMF Election 2019 12 months ago

It is impossible for outsiders to tell what’s behind the bullying accusation, whether they are made up, or based on actual facts or misunderstandings in the communication. Mikel, would you authorize Steve to cite from the internal communications the two of you had concerning the GL incident and the MWG report?

OSMF membership numbers by country 2019 about 1 year ago

very interesting, although I believe it would be more informative to have the total of different editing users per country and year put into relation with the OSMF membership, because it is a big difference if these 500 users a day are the same as those the next day, or are different ones.

iD editor: It is time for us to end this abusive relationship about 1 year ago

WRT to tagging consolidation and „picking the winner“, in more than one occasion this is a completely misleading reading of what iD developers did, and they also explicitly confirmed it more than once: they have been inventing and introducing new tags, dismissing the used schemes and introduced new ones. Some of these have happened by accident (and a better community integration would have likely prevented it), in other cases it was completely conscious and on purpose (“the existing scheme was too complicated so I was making a new one”).

Disputed boundary tagging sprint (2019-03) over 1 year ago

at the moment we are speaking about countries, but from there it is not far to speak about peoples: there are peoples without a country, claiming territory or autonomy. When you speak about peoples, the reference to politicians seems appropriate.

This is more difficult, because some such claims may represent so many people that it seems reasonable or at least fair to add them (if disputed borders are added in general).

I would include all of them, if they exist and aren’t just fantasy. Striving for autonomy should be something verifiable on the ground.

Disputed boundary tagging sprint (2019-03) over 1 year ago

I do not understand what is the big issue with verifiability and ground truth, now that we can have arbitrary exceptions to the rules. Why not make an exception?

M'appare Spotorno over 1 year ago

è vero che in questo il tag non è del tutto bello, ma è quello che si aveva deciso tanto tempo fa (per non inventare ulteriori categorie di highway), quindi di interpretare highway=service generalmente come strade inferiori. Oramai viene fatto da più di 10 anni, ed è quello che ci troviamo. Se uno rifiuta l’idea dovrebbe arrivare alla conclusione che ci mancano ancora classi.

Ammetto che ho generalmente difficoltà stabilire cosa sono le “strade di servizio”, in quanto i dizionari mi offrono sempre tante traduzioni in tedesco (sia dall’italiano che dal inglese) e non vedo problemi con le parole tedesche che escono.

Sono però sicuro che highway=service NON è la stessa cosa di una “strada di servizio” come definito dall’art. 2, 4. CdS: “4. È denominata “strada di servizio” la strada affiancata ad una strada principale (autostrada, strada extraurbana principale, strada urbana di scorrimento) avente la funzione di consentire la sosta ed il raggruppamento degli accessi dalle proprietà laterali alla strada principale e viceversa, nonché il movimento e le manovre dei veicoli non ammessi sulla strada principale stessa.“ Questa definizione è al massimo pertinente per una minuscola parte delle strade highway=service. Gli altri valori di service sono parking_aisle e driveway e drivethrough.

M'appare Spotorno over 1 year ago

sarebbe più facile se la differenza fosse più grande, tipo “Bank” e “Bank” (banca e panchina). Un alley è sempre una strada di importanza inferiore, sia negli USA che in Europa. Certo, il contesto urbano è molto diverso, ma funzionalmente le differenze sono piccole, non è che uno è un uccello e l’altro un tipo di negozio.

Un benzinaio qui non vende quasi mai sigarette o latte fresco, in Germania è raro trovarne uno che non lo faccia. Certo, vendono entrambi benzina, ma mentre qui è la cosa principale che fanno, in Germania non ne sarei sicuro.

Tornando agli alley, “medievale” non è un requisito, è un esempio (è il contesto più probabile dove trovare delle strade troppo strette per le macchine nel nord dell’Europa)

M'appare Spotorno over 1 year ago

usiamo per tutti i tag il significato inglese brittanico, tranne per “alley”? Le differenze tra una banca in Germania e una banca in Italia sono grandissimi, ma usiamo lo stesso tag ;-) Similmente per i benzinai

M'appare Spotorno over 1 year ago

“Footway” ci sta anche bene, ma solo quando veramente sono esclusi i veicoli. Qui in campagna (del Lazio) trovo spesso centri piccoli dove si va ovunque con la 500 o la moto, e apparentemente non ci sono divieti (sicuramente non c’è persecuzione ;-) ).

Ho trovato più di 8000 ways service=alley in Italia “da Napoli a San Marino” con OverpassTurbo, quindi è già usato (non solo da me ;-) ).