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Kaisertal Pfad wieder von mir gelöscht 10 days ago

soweit ich Deinen Eintrag verstehe, gibt es den Weg, nur halt nicht an einer bestimmten Stelle, wo er durch Erdrutsch unpassierbar bzw. gefährlich geworden ist. Wäre es nicht besser, nur an dieser Stelle den Pfad zu unterbrechen?

What is an import? about 1 month ago

for me an import is adding data from somewhere when you didn’t check every part individually

What is an import? about 1 month ago

jremillard wrote:

An import is any addition to OSM that directly derives from other digital map sources.

I think this definition has to be extended, because you can also import other information if you are able to assign positions to it (or relate it to OSM objects)

The return of the OSM rank table 2 months ago

@mmd deceased people are not subject to any privacy regulations or directives. There is no privacy for the death. If there are any privacy concerns with this list, for sure it's not in the comment you cite.

Aggiornamento comune Drapia (VV) 3 months ago

questo era 10 anni fa, nel frattempo la OSMF si ha espresso, e anche guardando quella mail del 2008, la prima frase è: “Secondo me il limite sta nella sistematicita' con cui si fanno tali cose.” e non ho alcun dubbio che se un progetto come osm raccoglie dati da altri geodati, si tratta di un approccio sistematico

Aggiornamento comune Drapia (VV) 3 months ago

sottoscrivo quanto detto da Bubix, streetview non è utilizzabile (lo vietano i Terms of Service della Google, e non si può fare legalmente secondo un’analisi della Osm foundation). Un’alternativa consentita sarebbe mapillary (hanno dato il permesso a osm)

Grazie anche da parte mia!

OpenStreetMap Foundation Chairperson's Report for the 2017 Annual General Meeting 5 months ago

And defend our brand and trademarks. It really cannot be that other companies or products (i.e. entities other than the OSMF and their local chapters) use the OpenStreetMap trademarks and OSMF doesn’t act accordingly.

Seeking your support for OSMF Board Membership 6 months ago

I understand you are not very involved with actual mapping in OpenStreetMap because you have different interests and priorities, that's fine. But you could have looked it up in the wiki, the "notes" system is the main procedure OSM has developed to enable people to contribute occassionally without the need of creating an OSM user account. It has been around for almost 5 years. Here's a short summary:

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 6 months ago

and in short we’ll be automatically indoor mapping with our smartphones and 3D video-recognition ;-)

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 6 months ago

Ilya, you write “Regarding railway=station, note that I'm not against mapping overground stations with polygons. But drawing a correct polygon for an underground station is virtually impossible.”

I totally agree that mapping an underground station by survey is far more complicated than doing the same overground. You would need a lot of determination (time) and some geometry skills and some tools like measuring tape or laser disto. I would not expect mappers doing it (usually). But getting the data in a legally compatible form is not completely unthinkable, rather I’d already expect it to be available as open data in some places. You might also find historic imagery from the time of construction (subways tend to be in big cities, and big cities tend to be well mapped throughout history), or the original construction plans might be out of copyright in some cases.

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 6 months ago

about the wiki edit: railway=station on areas was documented in the wiki [also before, until 2015. it was documented for areas since 2009.

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 6 months ago

What you call a „silent edit“ and „circumventing a proposal stage“ is from my point of view updating the wiki to common practice and logics. Stations have an extension, why would you not try to map it?

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 6 months ago

If you see that there are more opposing votes than agreeing, it could be an idea to stop the voting and see if you can improve the proposal by integrating the comments. Some people have written a lot of things that seem to make sense. For example you say that every change is listed in the "What This Affects"-section, but there's no hint about deprecating ways and multipolygons for stations in this section (incomplete). I also don't see the point in making a proposal which "mostly summarises subway and light rail mapping practices". If you made a proposal with only the things you want to introduce or deprecate or change, without those that stay as they are, your proposal would maybe be more concise.

Long Names of OpenStreetMap 7 months ago

many of these stem from compositing (e.g. adding the name of the university before the name of the faculty, on the faculty) or from combining (several businesses or doctors mapped as a single osm object rather than an object for each).

Composite keys in OpenStreetMap: ref:highway, highway:ref or highway_ref? 8 months ago

The story of bridge:name is another particularity of the history of OSM. Basically it stems from our reluctance to introduce a bridge object. It took us 15 years to get a tag for bridges into OSM (talking about man_made=bridge here). Until then, the only way to find bridges was indirectly by looking for things on a bridge and inferring that there must be a bridge somewhere below (or many, because this systems didn't tell you how many nearby bridges there were, separate carriageways on the same or on parallel bridges). If man_made=bridge would have been introduced earlier, we likely wouldn't have gotten a bridge:name at all. If we had waited even more, we could have gotten bridge:wikipedia and more. We don't use street_name for things that are on a street, do we? (Well, we might, because until there are area highways we also can't tell reliably whether something is on a street or only close).

Composite keys in OpenStreetMap: ref:highway, highway:ref or highway_ref? 8 months ago

hierarchy vs flat

IMHO there is a difference between "alt_name" and "building:levels".

colon stands for hierarchy

If you use the colon, the information is structured (building: and then all the properties refering to building)

underscore doesn't imply hierarchy

The underscore replaces the space and means the term has to be read "as one term", although it is several actual words. Like in "tourist_bus", "public_transport", "alt_name", "start_date". Yes, a start date is a date, a tourist bus is a bus and public transport is a part of transport, but there is no hierarchy, you have to understand the term to make sense of it, order of words doesn't imply which part is more important and which is the qualifier. "man_made" might even be a part of everything "made", but for example "leaf_type" is not a part of all "types" (well, only if you twist your brain). Similarly "is_in", "opening_hours" or "passenger_lines".

Just Pass 8 months ago


presets are a sensitive topic 9 months ago

@Richard yes, you're right of course, I have redacted the post

@SimonPoole the wiki in 2008 first said crossing=zebra and was modified 2 months later on July 17th to basically what is there til now, and after some revert and forth, apparently as a compromise, the current situation went into the wiki in August 2008: crossing=uncontrolled was documented for zebra crossings (with crossing_ref=zebra) and crossing=zebra was documented as UK shortcut.

I actually agree that a zebra crossing is kind of controlled. crossing=zebra rather than setting 2 tags (with semantic problems) therefore is the better solution for me, but I would have liked an explicit transition (i.e. changing the wiki, possibly presets in other software, etc.), not "silently" bringing "new" variations into the db

Does anyone even check what HOTOSM contributors leave behind? 9 months ago

Yes, new mappers make more mistakes than experienced ones, but HOT has a systematic problem: they encourage people to do armchair mapping in areas they mostly never have been to. Remote mapping is generally more difficult than mapping what you know, so it shouldn't be the first thing you do when you come to OSM. Also HOT areas are typically lacking active mappers who could assist newbies with their first steps.

Obviously, errors like those reported in this diary post will likely not happen with anyone just slightly responsible and careful. Uploading something like this to a shared database is either vandalism or complete incompetence and reluctance.

presets are a sensitive topic 9 months ago

sorry for the clickbait ;-)