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Beyond First Edits! over 6 years ago

Hello all, thanks for your ideas and explanations! Following are my responses.

To Sanderd17: Thanks for explaining implied access values! I mapped the stairs by creating a POI at the top of the stairs and at the bottom, and extra if the stairs wind around and I went on them. Some of the stairs were long and had several platforms in the middle. I’ll probably mark those as “stairs” even though they’re flat, because nobody will get to those platforms unless they’re some kind of renegades who cut through college campuses on the grass… :)

To Rovastar: So if there’s a footpath that runs smack into a road for automobiles, and the footpath continues across the street: I simply join both sections of footpath to the road and it’d work fine? How does OSM/routing software know it’s a road going straight through and that pedestrians and bicyclists must cross the street, and not a footpath that automobiles must be careful of? Does everything assume automobiles have priority?

What if the footpath had been elevated to go above the road, or a tunnel dug so the footpath can go under it? This is not hypothetical - I’ve got some cycling routes to add and improve :)

To skorasaurus: Nice disc golf map! I’m planning to map the nearest course, and discovered that disc golf courses don’t really get rendered on the map.

I see I phrased my GPS trace question oddly… I realize traces themselves are static, and once uploaded they sit there until deleted. What I meant was: if Paul uploads “Identifiable” GPS traces, will people besides Paul add items to the map, or is that something that doesn’t (usually) happen? Do people mostly stick to their own GPS traces when adding and editing OSM, Or does Identifiable mean something more like “hey everybody, have at it” ?

First Edit! over 6 years ago

I ended up applying “old_name=” and then “disused”. Disused= took a few minutes to wrap my head around. Thanks for the tips! I’m enjoying this quite a bit, and looking forward to adding my own objects to OSM.