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Introducing OpenStreetView about 3 years ago

@jesolem I’m a Mapillary contributor since early 2014 (and nearly reaching 400k committed images). So I really believe in Mapillary but I also think releasing OSV was good.

On this way you may get Mapillary sharped and improve it a bit more than in the past. My major reason for committing images to Mapillary is to use them for improving OSM data. I am sure a lot of the other (maybe the most?) Mapillary contributors have similiar motivations.

So get a deeper look into the comments above instead of battling with @mvexcel.

In general there are a lot people who wish more openness. In detail I’ve also a few opinions about that:

  • I want full resolution images. Why are the (downloadable) images limited to 2048px? Besides the resulting really poor 360 degree image quality (maybe you should limit the height to 2048px and not the width) I want to see details (like smaller letters on signs) when I use the imagery for mapping. Note: Ok you have introduced the “download original” button for own images but I want full resolution images through the API and for all images (you can watermark it of course).

  • I want to submit sequence-changesets through API. The sequence editor on your website isn’t that usable as I want to (not even the new one). So I was trying to change sequences through JOSM-Plugin but no way: I’m only able to edit images before uploading them. I was reading your API docs and it looks like this feature is not possible through your API.

  • Another sequence-changeset related problem is caused by your review process. It takes too long (except the blurring review). I committed a few changesets six weeks to two month ago and I’m still waiting ( I wan’t to use the images for OSM mapping before they’re outdated.

  • In general: Why do have images I took and uploaded to your platform to pass a review process? For (un-)blurring changes this is maybe OK but for the other stuff?

  • A friend of mine (I told him about Mapillary) accidentally uploaded a few images of the inside of his car. He asked me how to delete them. I told him: “You have to go to »>legacy«< and […]”. (But in real this is only “hiding” them not deleting them but why?)

Further you my have to invest more capacitiy into your app development. I’ve told a lot of people about Mapillary and at least a few uses it frequently. But they are often confused about inconveniences of the mobile apps. Like and and …

And of course I want this fancy OBD2 stuff in the Mapillary App, too. ;)

My post maybe sounds very bad but all my notes are smaller detail issues and in general Mapillary is a great service and I fully support the claim to be a neutral provider of geo images.

As a CS student I especially love all this image processing and AI stuff (and the blog posts about that).

Greetings from Germany descilla

Datenschutz bei der Kartographie von Häusern in einer Straße over 5 years ago

Moin Moin, ich arbeite gerade am anderen Ende von Münster (Nienberge/Häger) an der Erfassung von Häusern (in den Bauernschaften).

Falls du dich schon an den JOSM Editor gewagt hast, habe ich einen Tipp für dich, der die Arbeit wirklich erleichtert: Wenn du die ALK Vektor Ebene des NRW Atlas verwendest, siehst du die Umrisse von Gebäuden, samt Hausnummern.

Natürlich ist es imho sinnvoll die Straßen zur Qualitätssicherung dennoch zu befahren oder zumindest etwas Ortskenntnis zu haben. Aber für mich waren die Karten (auch die anderen sind Interessant) vom NRW Atlas eine echte Arbeitserleichterung (auch im Bezug auf die Erfassung von Feldern und Wiesen, also landuse).

Gruß und frohes mappen Simon