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First area mapping from survey over 6 years ago

Your approach sounds good to me. The more GPS tracks you have the better the guess you can take about where the real path lies. I use the various other sources as an aid to interpreting GPS tracks.

About Openstreetmap in Tanzania almost 7 years ago

Jonston, the GPStogo scheme mentioned above provides GPS units to borrow free of charge (funded by donations) on the condition that OSM contribution takes place - see the link above.

Floating Islands almost 7 years ago

I wouldn't map it as a pedestrian highway/plaza if it's a field. I wold have thought that
bicycle=yes (if applicable)
alongside whatever tags you would normally tag this kind of field with should be adequate. Routers and data checkers may not be able to make use of this yet. However, in many places you cannot simply walk across any field, so it wouldn't be sensible IMHO to have routers assume that you can walk across any field.

Is it a playing field or agricultural field out of interest?

ODBL in the real world... about 7 years ago


I just don't know what to think about the whole licence thing, but I'm even more confused about Richard's post above...

We need Y O U for for OSMs wiki! - OR - Is our wiki healthy? over 7 years ago

wiki seems to be down at the mo :-s

my favorite links over 8 years ago

Spam :(

Papé Beltway in the news over 8 years ago

That doesn't mean you can't use them. I'd use name=... and old_name=...

That way if someone searches for the old name they can still find it.

If the article is accurate about the other road that has changed 7 years ago, and the limited extent of this name change, have those errors been corrected?

Burgess Hill pretty much complete over 8 years ago

Looks great :)

Another area that has had aerial photo attention only is nearby Hurstpierpoint. There aren't any road names there yet, and it's quite possible that some mistakes were made interpreting the photos.

Spam in the Diary over 8 years ago

Yeah, this is really getting to me. We need a "report spam" button ASAP. Perhaps it should hide the entry once a few different users have clicked it, until an admin has checked it.

"No data upload, no blog" could backfire, I had thought about this one a few days ago - it might lead to a malicious DB change just to permit spamming. This is worse problem than spam IMHO.

shop to buy/repair watches over 8 years ago

You can always make one up, and use it. I would suggest shop=clockmaker as per This is the typical term for this type of shop in British English, I can't vouch for other varieties. The rationale for "maker" in the name is in the wikipedia article - although most clocks and watches are now factory made, repairing antique clocks still requires the fabircating of components.

You could propose this on the wiki, I'm sure it would be fairly simple to get approved, but you never know!

Restarted after winter break over 8 years ago

Glad to hear someone's working on Burgess Hill, I live a bit too far away to map it (Crawley), but did a bit of yahoo tracing there a while ago, as it seemed to be a big hole in the map.

There's too much spam in the OSM Diaries over 8 years ago

Yes, please can we have a "report spam" button. It's too much hassle to contact admins about it at the moment. Thanks.

missing shop tags over 8 years ago

Hi, try this:

When there are things with no defined tags, you can make them up. People may pick them up from tagwatch and make them more consistent with other POIs later. You can tag things as you see fit on OSM. If you want to propose tags on the wiki so that people can tag with consistency, and so that people can use the data, there is nothing to stop you. It can take a while to reach consensus though.

What exactly do you mean by a customer service centre? A telephone customer service centre or a shop where you can walk in and there is a service counter?

Creating Boundaries for Communities over 8 years ago

We can't trace from Google earth, because of licence issues. Please see:

What defines the boundaries that you are seeking to map?

GPS Traces over 8 years ago

Must admit, Ive got lazy with uploading GPX files :( Once in a blue moon I get round to uploading ost of them but I'm sure some drop through the cracks.

Openstreetmap in the news, 05 Jan 2010 over 8 years ago

Yeah, it's a real pity this isn't in the database yet... I can't understand why either. Is it to stop other people contributing by tracing the area? I would think there's more danger that someone will not have read about the project but stumble over the untraced area and duplicate the effort. :(

Great project though :)

acaiforsale over 8 years ago

Someone please delete this spam

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Needs Mapping over 8 years ago

I never understood why the wiki currently says not to add "railway=abandoned" to these kind of trails. It's accurate as the features of an abandoned railway remain (eg cuttings and embankments), it's useful info for cyclists as it tells you a lot about the gradients you might expect, and it's useful for people researching former railways. Surely renderers should be able to handle not plotting it as an abandoned railway on top of the cycleway, if that's really considered to be undesirable for the sake of clarity.

Unwanted green spots over 8 years ago

(obviously you have to select the "node" in question first!)

Unwanted green spots over 8 years ago

Just hit backspace on the keyboard (or perhaps delete on a PC, I'm using a mac.) Hope this helps!