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OWL/History Tab Beta are back + UI feedback/ideas needed! over 8 years ago

Yay! Good work. It is great to have OWL back, and the history tab UI is looking pretty good already.

Is the RSS/Atom feed back as well? I used to find that really useful.

I could do with a helping hand over 9 years ago

Another option is to see if there is a meet-up in your area. These are mostly in Germany and the UK as those have the most established communities at the moment.

Or you can set your location in your account profile and see other users nearby; it is often worth getting in touch with them anyway.

Start over 9 years ago

Another way to look at it is what would be useful for people using your data?

I would say for the basic use cases just having a node is enough to start with. However, you might have something else in mind?

Another consideration is that nodes allow you to mark the 'real' centre of a village, i.e., the market place, cross-roads or bridge, rather than the centroid of the boundary, which for dispersed villages can often be unhelpful.

JOSM validation - what to do... about 10 years ago

My experience is that the error you're is seeing is because of nodes in the relation that don't have a role. Only ways are allowed to be blank.

According to the documentation of the route relation nodes are expected to have the stop role (or a variation such as forward:stop)


Mind your language over 10 years ago

I'd rather hoped it was going to be someone complaining about rude place names. The reality is slightly disappointing. I've often thought that schools would be great places to run local mapping parties. For example, there were hundreds of teenagers out surveying in the southern Lake District last week as part of their GCSE coursework.

I think the only vaguely long term approach is to use the same method as with 'offensive' mappers? E.g. Contact each one and politely suggest that we're trying to foster a broad community and some people will be rightly or wrongly put off by causal swearing.

I swear casually all the time, but I don't think I would in a comment or mailing list, and never in documentation! ;)

Disused=yes and abandoned=yes over 10 years ago

Do you think there is a role for "former", which is in a similar vein to "disused", "abandoned" and "historic?

I've seen and myself used former:* to describe things that used to be there, and are likely to come back again, either with the same properties or similar.

For example, a set of bike racks that have been removed because they're damaged; one expects the council will replace them, but it will probably take ~6 months.

I expect this is covered by "don't tag things that don't exist", but that is a rule that is made to be broken; 'exist' being such a vague and esoteric notion.

OSM gets some new competition: Google Map Maker over 10 years ago

A shortcoming you've missed is the inability to reuse data created with Map Maker; when contributing to Map Maker you're giving your time to Google and only them.

Peebles Mapping party over 10 years ago

> The present map will be in a local news article, which may in turn, inspire
> some local mappers in that area.

That is a very good reason, which didn't occur to me at all.

> Until that time, I will have to just cheat a little. please forgive me

Please forgive me for being to hasty in my judgement. I hope the mapping party went well.

Peebles Mapping party over 10 years ago

I was initially very impressed by the golf course mapping; but on inspecting the tagging that changed to just being 'sort of' impressed. You've undoubtedly put a lot of work into it, but at the moment the course is a classic case of 'tagged to render'. E.g., natural=beach used for bunkers, leisure=common used for the fairways.

There is a quite developed proposal for tagging courses (

Mapping individual parking spaces over 10 years ago

@Strash there is a rather complicated proposal covering that:

The world at night almost 11 years ago

Any thoughts on whether there should be any implied lit=yes for certain types of highway?

For example, in the UK it is relatively rare for a residential road to be without street lighting, to the extent that the presence to lighting is used to 'regulate' speed limits.

Bing goes the University of Bath almost 11 years ago

@Milliams, yeah I realised that pretty much straight after I made the comment... my brain doesn't function too well in the morning :)

Bing goes the University of Bath almost 11 years ago


Good point. I think I was naturally using the roof lines as that is the easiest way to get a full outline of the building.


mapping house numbers almost 11 years ago

I'm doing a similar project in a suburb of Oxford, UK. For this I'm using detailed out of copyright OS maps which include building outlines, some house numbers and the garden outlines. I fill in gaps and confirm details with paper surveying.