For a while now, I have used the QA Tool OSMCha in order to observe edits happening in my local area. The saved filters allow you to create feeds of edits based on criteria like changeset location and even some validator results. Recently, I have been trying to respond to changesets in Texas which are either from new users or requested for review by the community, so I made an OSMCha filter to find those changesets. While I was using this filter, I noticed that OSMCha supports RSS feeds for saved filters!

So, I’ve added some of my most used filters into my RSS reader of choice, which has made it significantly easier to keep up with the filters without having to try to remember where I left off since it keeps track of which changesets I have actually opened. Here’s what it looks like in my reader: A screenshot of an OSMCha filter feed open in FreshRSS) Some improvements can probably be made to OSMCha to make this easier to use at a glance (such as including a simple screenshot of the bbox), but this is already great for keeping track.

I decided to write a diary post about this because I found out that only a very small amount of changesets which are marked for review ever actually get reviewed. Since 2023-09-01, there have been 20,809 changesets uploaded with review_requested=yes changeset tag. During the same time period, only 214 of them (~1%) have received a discussion comment! There are already some dedicated contributors who respond to review requested changesets, but the volume of edits is far too large for only a handful of people to respond to. I hope that this post will inspire some more contributors to review changesets and welcome new users to this great community.


Comment from Tomas_J on 28 September 2023 at 13:55

Great inspiration, I will try to do the same to support and greet new mappers who requested a change set review. Thx.

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