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"My business on OSM"

Posted by chtfn on 4 October 2014 in English (English)

I am just reposting a blog post I just published to make it easier for people to just add their business to OSM.

"GoFLOSS – My business on OSM in five minutes"

My first OSM meeting

Posted by chtfn on 16 December 2013 in English (English)

I organised yesterday my first OSM meeting, at the Brisbane Square Library of Queensland. Because of a lack of advertisement and the difficulty to access the library after hours, I ended up giving my presentation to a crowd of two attendees: my wife and a good friend. It was ok because it was my first try and it was a good way to give my presentation a go and get some feedback. My very good "students" got to do a tiny survey of the Brisbane Square and add a few POIs together, and this brings two new users to OSM! We'll see if they end up coming back to contribute to the project a bit more ;)

Here is my presentation, for anyone curious or needing ideas for their own. Feedback would be very welcome!

Hopefully I can organise more meetings / mapping parties around Brisbane; I got a few responses from contributors who would have loved to join but could not make it, which is a great sign!

Another on of my projects will be to reorganise the big mess in the Brisbane events on the wiki - it gets very confusing.

Location: Spring Hill, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Questions about parking mapping

Posted by chtfn on 18 June 2013 in English (English)

Hi all!

I had a few questions about how to map parking spaces. Here is an image of the zone, and coordinates are linked in the post:

The zone

There are two things: - The two parking lanes have the number of parking spots and the number of disabled parking spots. Should "Capacity" include or exclude the number in "Capacity:disabled"? - The highlighted point on the left, along Boggo road, is my attempt at mapping a single disabled parking space. I thought a point would be better than an area for a lone parking space, am I right? What do you think? The previous question applies here too: do I need to tag it with Capacity=1 and Capacity:disabled=1?

Cheers, and happy mapping! :)

Location: Dutton Park, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Editing: OSM's website vs Quest Map Open?

Posted by chtfn on 11 March 2013 in English (English)

Hi all

I was wondering: what exactly is Map Quest Open? So far, I understand that it is the side of Map Quest for contributing to OSM, but is there anything fishy about it? Or is it genuinely an effort to make people contribute to OSM with a different flavour?

I tried using it, and I like the fact that there is more space for editing (I can't figure out how to get rid of the left pannel on OSM's website when using Potlatch???).

However, I noticed something funny: the building type "Family house" is not recognised when editing in QMO:

Editing on OSM's website

Editing on QMO's website

Does it mean that there are a few tags that QMO doesn't recognise yet?

Which in-browser option would you recommend to use for editing OSM, and why?

Cheers and happy mapping!

Just started mapping actively in Brisbane - I have a few questions!

Posted by chtfn on 10 March 2013 in English (English)

Hi community!

I was an active Wikipedia contributor for a few years, and I am now contributing to MusicBrainz a fair bit. Even though I had an account on OSM for some time, I just started mapping actively around my street, which needed some love (the suburb still really does):

Around my street

I was wondering a few things, if anyone feels like helping a newbie:

  • Should I use "name" or "addr:name" to add the name of a shop in the building's data?

  • I see that my building outlines look pretty different when using the closest and second closest Bing backgrounds, which probably depends on the age of the photos, and how they are fitted together - which one should I use? Should I just stick to the closest?

  • Does one need to add the street manually in each address data, or does the database somehow automatically give the name of the closest street to the building when someone searches for an address? (i.e. will the query "85 Lewis st" return results even though the building doesn't have anything in "addr:street"?)

You can have a look at what I did there:

Please let me know if there is something I am not doing right. I'll probably have a few more questions later on :)

Really enjoying contributing!

Location: Buranda, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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