Bonner ACT Australia 2914

Posted by chrisPir on 16 December 2016 in English (English)

Bonner district

Location: Bonner, District of Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Comment from Sam Wilson on 16 December 2016 at 01:11

Hurrah! Good work.

(Now I’m all homesick for Canberra.)

Comment from Jedrzej Pelka on 17 December 2016 at 23:57

@Sam Wilson Why are you calling some useless, meaningless spam entry “good work”?

Comment from Sam Wilson on 18 December 2016 at 00:06

Umm… yes, well now I’m a bit embarrassed. :-) See, I just clicked straight through to the map, and it’s been years since I looked at OSM in Canberra and it’s all so good there and well I guess I just figured this person had done some mapping there and so I thought I’d give them some tiny bit of encouragement because maybe they were a newbie and weren’t quite sure what the diary was to be used for…

Now, of course, I see that chrisPir hasn’t actually made any edits! :-(

So, please feel free to delete my comment and this whole post. :-)

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