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We all know that a beautiful yard adds a great deal of aesthetic value to a home. Maintaining it is not that easy though. You see that hedges? They have to be trimmed from time to time and only proper gardening equipments should be used. You have to use the right one, like the trusted electric hedge trimmer or the powerful gas Text

There is a wide variety of hedge trimmers. They come in different types, sizes and even quality. Choosing the right one for your yard may take careful consideration. First you have to take note of certain criteria to help you pick what is best for your home.

First in the list is the size of your property. Now, this is very important. Do not use that large and heavy gas trimmer if you only have one or two hedges to trim. Gas trimmers are designed for heavy-duty trimming. They work best for large properties because of their power and mobility. If you have a small yard, I suggest that you stick to electric or cordless trimmers. They are lighter and much cheaper compared to gas trimmers. They are also easier to use.

Hedge trimmers are classified into three basic types. First is the electric trimmer. Judging from its name, you could say that it uses electricity to operate. The second type is the cordless, or what we call the rechargeable trimmer. This type is powered by rechargeable batteries. The last one is the gas or the petrol trimmer. It has a motor and is much heavier.

Electric Trimmers are easy to use. Just plug them using the extension cord, and you can start trimming your hedges. The good thing about this type is that there is a wide variety of blades to choose from. Get the longer blades for taller hedges.

Another good thing about electric trimmers is the fact that they require very little maintenance. All you have to do is to keep the blades clean and well lubricated.

Rechargeable trimmers, on the other hand, do not have cords and have unrestricted mobility. They are also lighter than your gas or petrol trimmer. The advantage of this type is that you do not have to worry about tripping on the cord. It also makes reaching distant areas much easier.

Another key feature of the rechargeable trimmer is that it can be used for delicate trimming. This is best used for shaping shrubs to keep your yard looking beautiful.