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spaghetti and US highway junctions over 11 years ago

Yes, well, that does seem to be the consensus, though you are the first to articulate sufficiently clearly to give it the force of a business rule.

Test over 11 years ago

ok - so we can see what you've written.

Remapping over 11 years ago

Could you drop me a note about the people you approached and their responses (or lack of response so far)? Alternatively, could you update the page at ? Thanks.

Getting ready to pack my bags and leave OSM over 11 years ago

I've not really seen the environment running "cantankerous/cancerous recently", at least in the areas I work.

landuse over 11 years ago

my feeling is that 'farmyard' would be for a working farm. I would suggest using a 'site' type relation and include all elements of the site you've mentioned.

Documenting Tags over 11 years ago

One thing to consider in this space is better discrimination among keys and tags which have passed through the proposal-voting-acceptance procedure vs. those which are widely used and have not gone through the procedure vs. those which have utility but are not widely used. I think it would be useful to have a color coded banner or icon associated with pages which indicate the status.

Documenting Tags over 11 years ago

The aggregation of small bits into a larger page can be done by page transclusion, if that is supported by the mediawiki version implemented here. Also, could use section headers and direct to #-tagged sections via redirect.

cemetery burial plots over 11 years ago

In the larger cemeteries, some of the monuments are well delineated in satellite imagery and the boundary may be visible if it is fenced. You could do a GPS coordinate collection for the aerial imagery visible elements and use these anchor points to roughly position groups of plots.

a Third of my town done over 11 years ago

Congratulations. That's a major accomplishment.

Creation of special map over 11 years ago

You should take a look at The resource on this site is still in beta release, but the developers are very receptive to input (I was informed recently that my feedback on a feature had allowed decision making among multiple development priorities to focus on that which I had highlighted).

cemetery burial plots over 11 years ago

I've thought a bit on this myself. Aerial imagery is in most cases not of sufficiently high resolution to trace individual burials (though mausoleums and crypts can be mapped) and GPS straight from the commercial devices is not generally precise enough to map reliably. If you had a plot map from a cemetery conservator who agreed to release the plot map by a license compatible with OSM, then this would be the best bet for getting individual plots mapped as objects. The plot map could (in principle) be rendered as a shape file and imported. What I've taken to doing is to try and pare down a cemetery into small enough units which are naturally separable such that a person looking for a particular memorial need not hunt long within the narrowly specified region before finding their target. An example of this is at ... but I'm thinking on how to refine this so it is more straightforward.

Quick History Service Now Pointless over 11 years ago

Are you saying that it is pointless in the LONG term or the SHORT term? From your description it would seem that the Service remains OK to support the current re-licensing edits, but not necessarily for long term license management.

OSM/OSMF has become a farce over 11 years ago

When the licensing change notification came about, I immediately said 'sure, ok' and agreed. This was because a) I contribute (here and on several other collaborative sites) assuming or specifically stating that everything I do is in the public domain and only restricted by the platform on which I contribute and b) the Foundation appears to be sincere about its primary mission statement ... to provide maps which are free from many of the strictures which inhibit reuse of other published map resources. OpenStreetMap is neither perfect nor perfectly free, but it is a far sight better than the alternatives. This is why I will continue to contribute to OSM and why I walked away from Wikimapia. If you do not believe that the Foundation is sincere in trying to abide by its mission statement and believe instead that it is on a covert mission to get all it can for free and then exploit it for riches, then you are contributing to the wrong resource.

open wifi points over 11 years ago

There are cases where cities provide wifi ... this isn't very common in the US, though there have been proposals (e.g in Philadelphia) which could lead to it. Is there an accommodation for public wifi points which are not associated with individual businesses? <== and there are a heck of a lot of those, yes.

let us fight spam over 11 years ago

Interesting ... can you provide some examples of the spam because I've not come across it myself. Also, is it in the map or in the wiki? Thanks for educating me and the rest of the readership.

Any tracing keen railfans out there? over 11 years ago

I will not be joining this, but I think that this is an excellent request, focused and well scoped.

Intentional removal. (Remoção intencional) over 11 years ago

In addition to the potential reasons behind the edits noted above is that you and the editor might be working from different data and therefore each believe they are right. That requires communication to resolve. Don't assume vandalism as the default.

Put state ID in small town names over 11 years ago

Yes, Nominatim has not been updated for months, unfortunately.

Map on not working correctly over 11 years ago

I've posted a message to the talk email group to highlight this to a broader audience ==>

Don't you just love it.... over 11 years ago

Are we really to the point that edits need to be backed up by photographic proof? Afterall, c2r indicated "survey" as the source and (s)he has been involved in the project since 2007. It would be different if c2r where a new editor and started on a street name editing spree (vandal behavior).