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fieldpapers over 3 years ago

Ok, I managed to add the first address node with Vespucci

I also read about how to add a wms layer.

Thank you Simon !

fieldpapers over 3 years ago

I misunderstood how Vespucci is supposed to work.

I failed to download the area I meant to wor on, so I was trying to select a way from the tassellated representation, not from the wireframe

Now I’ll delve deeper but I think I solved this

I’ll let you know

Thanks !

fieldpapers over 3 years ago

For example, I can’t manage to select an existing way. The selection cross alls a tiiny bit off and there is no number of tries, I’ll never get it

I’d like to add a node to an existing way (maybe a building) and then add some tags to it