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Skye almost 5 years ago

Thanks both for looking... we'll see then...

UK football Stadium mapping Update over 5 years ago

I think areas that had initial Yahoo aerial coverage and surrey air survey were in a much better place 18 months ago in terms of detail... I went out to unmapped towns with the GPS and a notebook wandering around before countrywide coverage.

For a starker contrast, some of the rural areas of Spain still feature completely unmapped settlements of medium size proportions, while other parts of the country (again, those that have had Yahoo imagery for longer, I'd guess) are mapped much more completely...

Public perception and predjudice... almost 6 years ago

Personally I love the default rendering... The biggest issue with it I suspect for people just turning up and wanting to use it to navigate is the lack of clarity between trunk roads and forest:

In the above example, notice the E9 from Baga to Bellver in the top left corner...

Bounds Green North Circular Road changes about 6 years ago

I drove through here a short while back, and yes, I do congratulate transport for London for what is the highways equivalent of moving the deckchairs on the titanic.... failure to actually achieve any real benefits for any group of road users while causing years of disruption in the process. Well done.

It's a bit like their failure to improve the Redbridge Roundabout with free flowing sliproads from the M11 to the Eastway towards Stratford as part of the Olympics schemes.

New to OpenStreetMap over 6 years ago

Welcome (o:

Roads with 2+2 ways but without central separation over 6 years ago


Introducing Team Surrey over 6 years ago

my understanding is that a way, node or relation will be deleted permanently, based on the user that created the way or node, taking all edits with it. shows you cleanmap; how the map will probably look after the deletion has occurred, and badmap, a map based on data that will be deleted.,wtfe_point_clean,wtfe_line_clean,wtfe_point_harmless,wtfe_line_harmless,wtfe_point_modified,wtfe_line_modified_cp,wtfe_line_modified,wtfe_point_created,wtfe_line_created_cp,wtfe_line_created

this link is better for knowing exactly which nodes and ways are affected.

Given my job involves driving the motorways of the UK, I'm using a combination of GPS and Bing to remap these; and also do the same with areas near to me. I'm going to be doing the M40 in the next few days...

Usability of the OSM map page over 6 years ago

It's sort of there, but you need to convert to decimal first:

Search for this: 49.952350 10.377100

Don't you just love it.... over 6 years ago

haha, I drive past it every day.... (and if you want to cheat, it's even visible without blanking out on google street view)

Potlach 2 funktioniert bei Firefox nicht almost 7 years ago

(entschudigung, mein(e?) Deutsch is nicht so gut!)

Potlach 2 funktioniert bei Firefox nicht almost 7 years ago

I had an early version Flash 10, but it still didn't work - until I upgraded to the latest version. Now it does again. Go to the adobe website and upgrade.


Lonely no-entry signs almost 7 years ago

I personally have used turn restrictions when such circumstances arise...

Lolcat to Pascal Neis + OSM 7th Anniversary almost 7 years ago

I'd love to come (as I'm a long time contributor but know only the people I've introduced to the project), but I'm going to be at V... so perhaps next time! (o:

AP-7 E-15 in Spain almost 7 years ago

Hello - I've done the current exists etc. between Valencia and Elche... However, this still uses the legacy numbering...

Experience almost 7 years ago

I'd approach your local TV news, probably just for the publicity factor.. There are often geocacheing stories and things on ours...

GPS traces not shown on map almost 7 years ago

Potlatch2 is for editing and creating ways based on the GPS and the background, not for viewing.

You can, however, dim the vectors with D to see the trace to help with the above.

Creating nodes from EXIF data in JPEG images almost 7 years ago

I can think of a definite use for it- standing right next to objects such as postboxes which have a visible reference number...

Creating nodes from EXIF data in JPEG images almost 7 years ago

ah, that didn't work.

Let's try again:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="OSMtracker" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<wpt lat="38.6070550" lon="-0.0898283"><ele>174</ele><time>2011-07-27T15:04:56Z</time><name>La Nuca Rotonda 7</name></wpt>

Creating nodes from EXIF data in JPEG images almost 7 years ago

OSM tracker creates *-wp.GPX files in the following format:

174La Nuca Rotonda 7

You could presumably run a script on the jpg files to extract the extinf data and build a similarly formatted file.

That said, the above will import successfully into memory map for example, but when I last tried, it didn't import into OSM.

Hope that helps some,

GPS's are killing people in the desert. almost 7 years ago

It's like when people drive into the sea, or along railways because the Satnav "tells them" to do it... I'm not a fan..