Geoglyph of Pointy Head Bird on a Tree Branch

Posted by c tito young on 5 April 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 10 April 2021.

Geoglyph of a 30m x 100m over-the-shoulder view of a pointed headed bird facing west. Etched on moderately sloped rock, the bird is oriented north to south and drawn to appear is its perched on a leafy tree branch. Geoglyph appears to show the birds back as its head is turned with the bird’s tail covers the birds talons, hence its facing direction. It is also unclear what exact kind of species of bird is this and what is the bird is doing on the tree branch or if related to other geoglyphs. .

14°53′9″S, 74°53′28″W -14.8858933, -74.8910628 Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

Location: Vista Alegre, Province of Nasca, Ica, Peru

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