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Money! about 6 years ago

Simon it’s a bit disingenuous for you to claim that the board doesn’t quite know how much in the red you would have been.

I suggest the following documents would help:

  1. The contract with the venue with it’s steadily increasing cancellation charge break points as we approached the conference date:signed and deposit paid by the Treasurer
  2. The cancellation insurance policy and contract: signed and paid by the Treasurer
  3. The SotM financial statement sent to you by me when the crisis broke, showing the commitments made, sponsorship received and delegate registration income received with the then current shortfall.
  4. The Profit and Loss statement sent by the SotM working group within 2 weeks of the close of the Conference.
  5. Birmingham’s bid document containing an itemised budget.

I’m sure I could I even dig out our risk register showing mitigation measures.

These provide data for the maximum financial risk, quite what would have actually happened you are correct to say is unknown.

As you know the sponsorship position in 2013 was particularly tough, with a least another ten geo conferences in the UK, all in the same month as SoTM, all competing in the same sponsorship pool, so the risks were high that we wouldn’t match previous years, or even cover our costs.

That you are in the same position of blindness this year is just incompetent ( I refrain from using the legally-charged word negligent), demonstrating that the Board never considered the SotM Working Group’s report we submitted after the conference containing a number of recommendations to improve future SotM organisation.

Even without that report you could expect the board to have learnt from its experience.

After the server infrastructure SotM is the biggest financial commitment, the local volunteers who work so hard to bring us SotM, and the community at large deserve better. It is hard enough on the volunteers to organise the conference without the board expecting them to do the bulk of the fund-raising also.

Mike Duffy has sadly passed away, over 6 years ago

This is very sad news indeed, Mike will be very missed. His contribution to OSM in the Black Country was massive and will stand the test of time. I remember a foul April day in West Bromwich when he gamely met me in the Billiard Hall for a pint and some subsequent very wet and cold mapping. Mike doggedly learnt new digital skills and plodded slowly around the streets of the West Midlands at various mapping parties. He was also agreat asset in helping to organise the global SotM conference in Aston in September 2013 and being a volunteer helper for the three days of the conference. Many condolences to his family for their loss from his “mapping family”.

Drawing houses almost 11 years ago

I've drawn buildings by surveying them counting paces ( I know that 63 of my paces = 100m) parallel to the walls. If you want to get precise alignment you can take bearings with a hiking compass. If you don't have a compass then getting a GPS trace as an "extension" of a building edge by walking in a direction that a wall would take if it hadn't "gone around a corner". This does assume that you can see or walk all round a building - not alway appropriate for residential areas where you can't get into people's back gardens ( but you can always ask them)

How I manage to do it over 11 years ago

Don't worry - you're not alone! I have exactly the same problem no matter how careful I am, but my ommissions are usually at the surveying stage. Going back to areas you'll be surprised how much you missed on the first survey. And you can always collect address data on revisits :-)

Motorways over 11 years ago

I was re-aligning the motorway with the tons of public GPS tracks, which included my own, which showed a consistent "average" track about 20-30m away from the rendered way. So I hope I've improved things rather than made them worse!

Two Tools for Data Quality almost 12 years ago

Great tool! Thank you very much. I've just discovered restriction relations and your tool has helped greatly. It's also nice to see the road signs rendered. Would be nice to have UK symbols for the UK ;-)

ChurchHill Outlined Now almost 12 years ago

Hi there

Once we've finished Birmingham we're deciding what we should do next. Bus routes/ Black Country/redditch/Bromsgrove? it gets problematic for most of us to travel outside the Motorway ring as it gets expensive in time and fuel. It would be great to see you at one of our Midlands monthly meetups Keep up the mapping - I find bike is the best method but not on icy roads!