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Posted by bo_hot on 21 December 2020 in English (English).


Start where you are, with what you have, do what you can - Arthur Ashe

If you want to be involved, please join in by completing this form

To start we need to begin with a single step, a single idea, a single question.

The play by play for each day will look somewhat similar. It will be a mix of individual, group, sync and async work. This is to accomodate multiple timezones, multiple technologies, multiple working styles and most importantly, multiple people :)

Below is a quick snapshot of what each day’s sessions will look like and also shows what the activities we will be undertaking on w1_monday.

  1. greet (video) // Welcome. Introduce the daily theme, objective and the takeaways
    _ introduce the theme
    _ outline sole search details
    _ set the expectations

  2. sole search (async) // An un-brainstorm. Time alone to think, prepare and process.
    _ problem collect
    _ question collect
    _ assumption collect

  3. remix (meet) // Bring your key points and be ready to share, remix and refine.
    _ problem sharing
    _ state assumptions
    _ organise open queries

  4. async action (miro & loomio) // Working alone, together.
    _ identify themes
    _ dot vote for big question
    _ answer or add open queries

  5. wrap (slack or meet) // A quick recap of today and prep for tomorrow.
    _ clarify our big question
    _ divide and delegate teams and tasks
    _ homework

Location: Esserts-Salève, Monnetier-Mornex, Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, Upper Savoy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Metropolitan France, 74560, France

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