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Women on the Ballot for OSM-US: Why it Matters about 4 years ago

While not an American I applaud your stance, in fact I voted for Kate this year to get elected to OSMF.
But what I applaud even louder are your comments about this not being a gender battle and that "There are some great men running". All too often a call for greater diversity in any group can be easily misinterpreted as an attack on those who are over represented.
To my knowledge no minority has been excluded from OSM, or Tech at large, but the social groups that have formed OSM and Tech in general are the ones who enjoyed it most. What is lacking is for other social groups to find it equally enjoyable.
This is where you, Kathleen, Kate, Alyssa et al come in. Continue to encourage, enthuse and inspire others to join us, but be careful not let it be seen as Male bashing. This will improve our map and our society!

Oh and also make our social gatherings more fun ;-)