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My edits in Bergen County, part 5 over 3 years ago

Wow, thanks for all your edits in New Jersey! I live in Union County, but I map all over NJ. It’s great to see more mappers in my area.

Stop by the OSM US Slack: We have a #nj channel!

Non-English keywords in English iD interface. over 4 years ago

That’s what happens when people who have no idea about foreign culture/language and real needs of foreign people start “helping” foreigners.

Indeed, some days I don’t know why I even try.

Non-English keywords in English iD interface. over 4 years ago

Yes you are correct! The search terms can be found in the preset definition file for Hindu temple:

` “terms”: [ “garbhargriha”, “mandu”, “puja”, “shrine”, “temple” ], `

The preset search terms are language dependent, and can contain anything that users might type while looking for the feature that they want to add. We often fill these lists with common synonyms or related words.

(If you think it makes sense for “altar” to appear in this list also, please open an issue or pull request!)

Which editor users are more likely to answer changeset discussions? almost 5 years ago

I don’t think there’s necessarily an expectation that users should answer changeset discussions.

Most of the changeset discussions I initiate are stuff like “Thanks for your contribution and welcome to OSM!” :)

100€ for a subscription to diary comments over 5 years ago

This is what BountySource is for.. Maybe we should set it up on openstreetmap-website?

# Wrapping up Google Summer of Code almost 6 years ago

Thanks Kushan!! It has been wonderful to have you as a colleague and a core contributor on the iD project. Simple but detailed lane editing that everybody can use will be so valuable for the OpenStreetMap project. Can’t wait to complete the project and see what you want to build next!

Re-tagging quadrant routes in Pennsylvania, USA from `ref` -> `ref:penndot` over 6 years ago

This looks great! Will definitely improve the maps in PA.

What's your OpenStreetMap story? about 7 years ago

I started contributing to iD because I wanted to learn JavaScript…

Hamlets in US cities over 7 years ago

Also, I lol’d at that hamlet fixup map. It’s impossible to find anything because all of the map labels are complete nonsense. :)

Hamlets in US cities over 7 years ago

Funny, this was just an issue for me yesterday.

We were considering displaying in the iD editor some text describing where the user is editing, but Nominatim reverse geocoding is kind of not usable in the USA because of all these hamlets.