Running for the HOT Board of Directors

Posted by bgirardot on 6 March 2015 in English (English).

Hi everyone,

It is with mixed emotions that I present myself as a candidate for the HOT Board of Directors.

As a relatively new member of HOT, the existing Board members have been the only board members I have known. I find them all to be dedicated and experienced humanitarians who have helped build HOT into the amazing organization it is today. I hate to see any one of them step down or not seek re-election. But, I guess change is unavoidable.

However, I am also excited at the possibility of continuing to serve, promote and build an organization and membership that means so much to me, but from a much different perspective than I have been in so far.

Like many people I was first introduced to HOT by the Ebola outbreak and I think it took literally about 5 mins before I completely fell in love with the organization, its mission, activities and community. Since that moment I have worked very hard to learn the ins and outs of HOT and find ways to contribute to its growth and success. I have participated in all of the currently active working groups and several of the activations, projects and events around HOT and the OSM community.

I come from the software industry, and while I have been a programmer, product manager and small business owner in the past, my first love is teaching. I have always enjoyed working with people who want to learn new skills, especially when they are learning to increase their opportunities. I have worked or volunteered in several educational settings including primary and high school, university level and the US Federal Prison system.

It is my dedication to teaching and education that will focus my Board activities. As a Board member my main areas of focus and priorities will be:

  1. Outreach to local OSM and HOT groups and support of their activities and events.
  2. Training opportunities for local OSM and HOT groups and community leaders.
  3. Engagement and support of remote mappers to improve our retention rates.
  4. Supporting and working for Dale’s suggestion to create an endowment.
  5. Increasing Board communication with the voting members and the HOT/OSM community at large.

Our existing and past Board members and the whole of the HOT community have build an amazing organization. If I am elected to serve on the board I will do everything in my power to continue to build and improve HOT.

I encourage everyone to ask questions and vote when the time comes. I can always be reached via e-mail and usually am in the HOT irc channel as well. This email is also posted to my OSM diary (bgirardot) which accepts comments.

I had hoped that the existing Board members would all run again but it seems that is not going to be the case. I can understand why as it can be a very time consuming and difficult role. If it is time for some new folks to step up and carry on I would be honored to be among them.

Best wishes, Blake Girardot

Location: Felben-Wellhausen, Bezirk Frauenfeld, Thurgau, 8552, Switzerland

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