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What's your OpenStreetMap story? over 3 years ago

I don’t know if I could narrow it down to a single reason - contributing to and improving an open map is good enough by itself, but I wrote a little about some other reasons a while ago.

Mysterious: Invisible ways in JOSM almost 4 years ago

I could replicate the behaviour you described.

At a guess (after ruling out obvious rendering oddities - both visible and invisible ways have the same map style listed in Advanced Info), it’s because the ‘hidden’ ways use a combination of new nodes (with negative ID values, described in changes.osm) and existing nodes (with positive numbers, referenced in changes.osm but only described in past.osm.pbf). Presumably JOSM gives up on rendering it after failing to find a matching node on the same layer. This would explain why some ways display fine before - they only consist of new nodes - and why everything displays fine after the layers are merged.

It makes sense though, I suppose - assuming there’s no implementation problem, the alternatives would be potentially modifying layers that weren’t active, or having mysterious uneditable nodes on the active layer.

One solution could be to include the existing nodes in the changes.osm file - JOSM should merge them with the original automatically since they’d have the same ID, but I don’t know what would happen if the original is modified in the mean-time.

My first diary entry about 4 years ago

And what a cheerful one it is too!

New mapping addict about 4 years ago

More Tasmanians! Huzzah!

I'm fed up with all this spam on the RSS feed, especially Chinese about 4 years ago

They also show up in the Twitter feed (@osmblogs), though truncated enough that it’s less annoying. I didn’t realise they were all spam though.

A year's difference, locally over 4 years ago

Neither - Windows Phone! But when I’m out and about I usually just take a hand-size spiral notebook, a pen, and a camera - I can scribble faster than I can type, and a photo is usually faster than both (it helps that the thing has GPS so I can’t forget where I took them). Get back home, sort it out in JOSM. But to each their own of course.

I haven’t found a good solution for anything faster than walking pace though. I might have to look at OSM Tracker and see if I can find anything similar; the only option I’ve tried is recording audio/video with a dashcam-like device, but having to go through the whole thing to find data afterwards just takes too long.

A year's difference, locally over 4 years ago

Thanks And definitely - house outlines are usually just traced from imagery but I’ve learnt to do a walk around first to make sure they still exist in the real world (or vice versa)! Still learning the ins and outs of addresses too, since there’s plenty of apartments/units and so on around here and numbers not matching at turning circles and so on. Makes for good exercise if nothing else!

Roundabouts over 4 years ago

More Australians are always good!

I have no experience with the Android app, but there is a specific tag for roundabouts, applying to the one-way route around it in addition to regular highway tags. It looks like the roundabouts near the location you linked to were missing this tag - I’ve added it to three, but I didn’t explore too far so there might be more in the area with the same problem.

I don’t think there’s a specific button to set a way as a roundabout in the iD editor at the moment, but you can always add the tag manually.

Very Good So Far over 4 years ago

Hooray, more Australians!

FYI, it’s generally good practice to add a comment when you upload a changeset - it’s not required, but this page goes into some of the benefits. (I see you’ve already discovered the wiki - it’s handy if you’re looking for how to tag something, but a bit lacking in stuff specific to Australia.)

Similarly, you don’t need to save after every individual change. It’s certainly possible and doesn’t do any harm but you might find it more convenient to e.g. add a few places at once and then save with a comment like “Adding some more local shops”. The end result is the same either way, but the latter can be a bit clearer in the long term.

Of course every (non-spammy) little bit is great, so it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things. Like I said - hooray, more Australians!