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September 28, 2021

thoughts of escape or release. We find that the discipline helmet andarab

He and his family moved away before the start of the school year.  I had been glad at the time. Greatful that he wouldn’t be going to school and telling everyone about what happened that day. But little Tommy changed me from that point on. He awoke something in me that I never knew was there.fetish

ldquo;Are you ready for this?” I asked him. I got no response, but his silence said it all. I positioned my body over him, my penis already hard again at the thought of putting it inside Bambi. I knew it would be easier with a little lube, so I spit three times into his puppet ass, because he could not get wet on his own. I brought my pelvis closer and closer to his body until my penis was at his entrance. I slowly slid in to increase suspense. I gasped loudly at how great it felt when I entered him. I started thrusting to the beat of the music, and this seemed to really turn Bambi on. With every thrust, his head flew back and his mouth was open wide. I leaned down to kiss him while thrusting into him continually. I could taste my semen on his tongue. It was salty but not so bad. It was so hot and I was on the verge of climax so I picked up the pace until I released my hot cum inside of him. I groaned and collapsed in exhaustion, crushing his little body with my significantly bigger one. I was so happy about finally getting to live out one of my fantasies that I didn’t even care about being grounded anymore. I stood up and walked to my computer and turned the music off. I hope I wasn’t so loud that Gammy heard me. If she did, it wouldn’t matter that much anyways. What’s done is done. The worst she could have done was take away my stuffed animals, but I fulfilled my dreams already.cartoon