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US power lines are still incomplete about 7 years ago

The "world map" you may searching for is here:

For now it's only down to z10. Or if you change the layer it's down to z12 for Europe. Improvement's are planed till end of march 2011. Update march 1, 2011; rendered with Maperitive.

neuer Eintrag almost 8 years ago

Lösung: Erst denken, dann tippen! ;-)

Absolutely almost 8 years ago

Earth: harmless.

OpenStreetMap's newest marketing campaign! almost 8 years ago

It seems to be true! They fromed the letters O S M with (female) human bodies. But there are some other letters you can't see.

Interesting OSM presentation about 8 years ago

I was highly surprised finding my power map in the presentation. May be this project is more special then I thought. Better image of Germany (I think, less confusing): . Greetings from far away, Bahnpirat

OSM Belarus Team on Google MapMaker Mapping Party Minsk about 8 years ago

Muahaha! Fantastic idea! Can't stop laughing about this.

Spam in the Diary about 8 years ago

What about this: If 10 different users click on the "spam-button" in 12 hours it get's deleted automaticly. Otherwise it stays in. But allowing every user to delete entries of every other would be a bad idea for me.