Routing via power lines (EN)

Posted by bahnpirat on 16 March 2010 in English (English)

Last weekend I went hunting in an industrial area. Not deers or plants were on my todo list. I searched for power tower numbers. YES! Starting from the nearest train station I went on foot inside the battle zone. Some people warned me before, there is a fence around and won't get in there.

First I take the wrong street and went in a dead end street. Can you belive that in an bureaucratic country like Germany there is no sign to warn you? This was a 1 km detour. Per direction. Next time I take the right way! Left was bad.

I reached the end of a public street. Now I would leaf the right path of life and get in unexpected danger. After trying the direct way into a wood, wich was blocked by 2.5 m high Phragmites (, a 2 m width waterway=drain and natural=wetland, I refused and had to take a closed road. A barrier=sign_with_sharp_edges tryed block me from passing. But I wear gloves to protect me.

Now a long long way near railway tracks north of me and wetland south of me. I reached a power=generator, power_source=wind which were build during the week and missing the spinning head on top. I took some pictures of thinks around me and went forward to the south where I expectet a power=station and power=line(s). To hide my presence I some times walk through prickles (,_spines,_and_prickles). My navigator routes me via mobile phone to my target. Carrying a arial image with me would brought him a peaceful evening. He also gave me a hint about upcomming darkness. And there she came!

The moment I've reached the first power tower it come over the world and me too. I only had time to take 10 pictures. Now there was the big problem: getting out of the darkness onto a public road. I knew where I was. But around me a big flat wetland with a highlighted silhouette of the fabrics in the distance. Leaving solid track would be to life hazard.

Now standing under two big power lines I could use my routing skills of an electron. I know the north German power lines very well so I can tell you where they run around. I took the only chance I had, and used these power lines and a little help of my friend via phone to bring me out and to the next railway station. There was no fence on my whole way to climb about.

Now I can claim power lines lead me back to the civilisation and rescued me from a dark cold night. Don't try this at home!

Location: Industriehäfen, Häfen, Stadtbezirk Bremen-Mitte, Wasserhorst, Bremen, Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen, 28237, Germany

Comment from Jekader on 18 March 2010 at 13:29

Hey, you should write books! Great story!

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