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BBC link to Healthwhere over 12 years ago

@wilpin: I've thought about using a map to enter your location, but there are two issues:
1. Where should the map be initially centred? Bear in mind that on a small mobile phone screen, zooming & panning could be tedious and long-winded.
2. It's intended to work on any mobile phone with internet access. My phone has a 2" screen and won't display OSM maps because JavaScript is disabled by default. I could add a link to a map, if the phone has JavaScript enabled.

@marscot: Good to hear, thanks.

Healthware & OSM-Atlas both at v1.0 over 12 years ago

I doubt I'll be adding anything other than hospitals. That said, the source is available, so if someone else wants to use it and modify it to have dentists, doctors, or whatever else, they're free to do so.

@Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason:
I'll find out about an OSM svn account, thanks.