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Posted by avantman42 on 7 October 2009 in English (English).

A while ago, I wrote a web site named Healthwhere (I announced version 1 here about a month or so ago). It used as one source of postcode data.

A few days ago, Ernest Marples disabled their service after getting a cease & desist letter from the Royal Mail. There's been quite a bit of press coverage about it (the BBC, the Guardian, the Register & Computer Weekly have all covered it).

Healthwhere has had a lot of hits over the last few days - there were more searches yesterday than during the whole of September. I figured that was because the stories linked to Ernest Marples, and Ernest Marples has a link to Healthwhere. Today, I realised the BBC story has a direct link to Healthwhere (in the "Related Internet Links", to the right of the main story).

Luckily, Healthwhere also uses postcode data from NPE, Free the Postcode and Dracos, so all the extra visitors have still been able to use the site.

Comment from wilpin on 7 October 2009 at 17:42

I saw you announce it last month or so; you must have some friends in high places to get your obvious press coverage! To bypass the postcodes
why not create a clickable map which would generate the necessary lats and longs?

Good luck

Comment from marscot on 7 October 2009 at 19:52

I have used it and have it stored in my phone, it works great using the other data. great work

Comment from avantman42 on 7 October 2009 at 20:48

@wilpin: I've thought about using a map to enter your location, but there are two issues:
1. Where should the map be initially centred? Bear in mind that on a small mobile phone screen, zooming & panning could be tedious and long-winded.
2. It's intended to work on any mobile phone with internet access. My phone has a 2" screen and won't display OSM maps because JavaScript is disabled by default. I could add a link to a map, if the phone has JavaScript enabled.

@marscot: Good to hear, thanks.

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