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How I Map: TIGER Cleanup over 7 years ago

It's helpful to learn your methodology. I'll try the tiger:reviewed tag. :)

Kingstowne over 8 years ago

Yay!!! I think that's a part of the DC area that no one has worked on much. Your contributions (small or large) help so much! Thank you!

Project Completion! almost 9 years ago

Wow!!! I was totally pleased and impressed to see you mapping the power lines and fantastic that they are all in OSM now! Great work! :)

Things that would be nice if they rendered... over 9 years ago

A generic shop icon rendering on the map would be tremendously useful. I run into the other two scenarios far less often, but they seem also worth doing.

New Host for OSM data , almost 10 years ago

According to the Census TIGER technical documentation:

"Data users should not use ZCTAs to identify the official USPS ZIP Code for mail delivery. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) makes periodic changes to ZIP Codes to support more efficient mail delivery. As a result, the original Census 2000 and 2002 ZCTAs may no longer match current ZIP Codes."

New Host for OSM data , almost 10 years ago

For the Census zip code boundaries, there are the 5-Digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area (2002), linked from

There other versions of Census zip code boundaries, aside from that one. From the link and data link there, I can't tell which it is.

New Host for OSM data , almost 10 years ago

For splitting up OSM data, I suggest splitting data up by counties or other geographic units (e.g. census tracts).

Zip code boundaries are problematic and should not be imported. In reality, zip codes are merely attributes assigned to addresses and street segments, and not geographic areas.

People have attempted to create zip code boundaries, though there is no standard way of creating them. The Census Bureau's zip code boundaries differ from other sources (e.g. county GIS departments). Also, zip code "boundaries" change all the time, as new addresses/buildings are added for mail delivery.

The only official zip code "boundaries" would come from the USPS, however the USPS does not publish them and has them for internal use only. Changes in zip code assignments and boundaries are done by a GIS person at the regional postal facilities (e.g. in Dulles, VA) who adjusts them in ArcView (or MapInfo), without keeping a history of the changes.

For more about issues with zip code polygons, see:

If we end up deciding to import zip codes, it should be done only after much discussion and with a lot of care. They should be assigned to address points, and not as boundaries.

جووجل وخريطة الشارع المفتوح almost 10 years ago

أنا لا أتكلم العربية جيدا لذلك أحسن أن لا أكتب وثائق عن خريطة الشارع المفتوح. لكنني أستطيع أن أجاب أسئلة. واحد شيئ لتمكن تفعل هو ترجمة الإتصال:

جووجل وخريطة الشارع المفتوح almost 10 years ago

نعمل أن منح إمكانيات لتضمين خرائط في صفحات ويكيبيديا من خريطة الشارع المفتوح و نرغب أكثر صلات بين المشروعين. المشروعين تكون دائما منفصل لكننا نستطيع أن نتعاون. أتوقع أن نستطيع وضع خرائط في صفحات ويكيبيديا في هذا الربيع.

أمل أن هذا يزيد الوعي بخريطة الشارع المفتوح.

جووجل وخريطة الشارع المفتوح almost 10 years ago

رالسلام عليكم,

بحثت لي "map" بالإنجليزية في جوجل على خريطة الشارع المفتوح
فليست موجودة عندما أنا تصحفت من خلال 30 صفحات نتائج بحث بالإنجليزية.

كتابة عن خريطة الشارع المفتوح يمكن مساعدة تزيد أنتباه عن المشروع بالعربية و الإنجليزية.

لا أتكلم العربية جيدا)