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My Mapping Experience

Yeay, welcome! :-)

Please note the changeset discussions - e.g. . Use good comments when you save - see .

Acht Jahre OSM ...

@webpassenger: ah, danke. Mit der Fehlermeldung “Berechtigungsfehler” kommen wir doch schonmal weiter. Das ist nur ein Schutz, damit nicht jemand, der erst neu angemeldet ist, Bilder hochladen kann. Du hast schon früher Bilder hochgeladen, aber ich denke, da war der Schutz einfach noch nicht aktiv. In tatsächlich warst du im Wiki bisher außer Bilderhochladen bisher eher fast nicht und nur auf einer Seite aktiv. Ich tippe mal darauf, dass wenn du in eins, zwei Tagen noch ein paar mehr Bearbeitungen machst, dass du dann auch hochladen kannst. Alt genug ist dein Account ja.

Im Forum zu fragen brauchst du nicht wirklich. Wenn du nicht warten willst, könntest du einen Wiki-Admin anschreiben und bitten, dass er dir vorzeitig die Berechtigung gibt (sofern das in unserem Wiki technisch geht, weiß ich nicht).

Acht Jahre OSM ...

@webpassenger: Doch, da sollte (nach Login!) einer sein. Machen wir es anders: Dateien werden eh global hochgeladen - sind also auf jeder Wiki-Seite einbindbar. Kannst du denn die Hochladeseite direkt aufrufen? … lade dort hoch und baue anschließend dein Bild auf die Funny_signs-Seite ein.

Acht Jahre OSM ...

… ich rate mal: @webpassenger: Im Wiki mit deinem Wiki-Account anmelden(!) und dann steht auf der linken Seite im Menü “Datei hochladen” mit Link auf . Dort hochladen und dann den Dateiname das hochgeladenen Bildes mittels Bearbeitung der Seite dort einbauen.

Acht Jahre OSM ...

Danke für deine Zeilen – nett zu lesen! :-) Frohes Mappen!

Toiletten Berlins

Hi Francesca, ich denke, es wäre am besten, wenn du euer Projekt in unserem Forum besprichst. Diese Diskussionen unter Blogeinträgen sind eher kurzlebig. Einfach auf anmelden und ein neues Thema erstellen wo du euer Vorhaben und konkrete Probleme beschreibst. Bitte beachte auch!i!/What_a_company_should_never_do .

Clean up the "fixme's" around you!

Thank you, that’s useful! :-) Easier to read that in keepright (which I used previously for this task).

JOSM reaches version 10000 in its 10th year

I just saw that version number in JOSM’s startup page, and thought that some congrats are really needed .. and found this post!

All JOSM contributors, thank you very much for your efforts! It is very nice to see the quality improvements and steps forward (like dropping java 7 support). :-)

Seit langen mal wieder im System

Willkommen zurück! :-)

Wenn du sagst, um welche es Objekte/Bearbeitungen es geht oder welche noch fehlen, könnte dir sicher jemand beim Wiederherstellen oder Prüfen helfen.


Willkommen, sloggi!

Wenn dir der Inhalt der bereits genannten Links nicht weiterhilft, beschreibe bitte etwas detaillierter für was (welche Nutzungsart) und welches Gerät du Karten runterladen willst.

Road has to be alined from this point

if you need help: please describe in more words what you mean

Details about iD editor users get publicly, permanently and silently logged with every edit – a privacy breach

A very similar concern by another user: (17th May 2015)

Ein Baum namens Baum…

dieser Baumbaum ist auch nicht alleine. Es gibt diese Dinger circa 85 mal in Deutschland. Treetrees gibt’s übrigens auch einige viele weltweit. :-)

Achja, und hier noch (für wen auch immer) ein toller Link zu der Sache:

Details about iD editor users get publicly, permanently and silently logged with every edit – a privacy breach

@SomeoneElse: if some internet site (possibly illegally) logs my browser details + IP/user account(!) that is one thing, but logging the data in public is another thing. Logging the data in public while telling something else in a so-called privacy policy one more of another thing. Note: The website logs (if existing) of are usually not. Also a user X does not frequently visit because he wants to contribute there. Also user X does not trust that much as he does trust

The excuse that others are doing harm, is no excuse to do so too.

Yes, the language information seems to be the most useful info (and JOSM logs it too), so, could we please leave this aside from the discussion because we suppose that it is “okay” (whyever this is not mentioned in our privacy policy) to log it?

Details about iD editor users get publicly, permanently and silently logged with every edit – a privacy breach

this just came to my mind: if a user’s language is that important for contacting the user, why don’t we make it a voluntary detail on the user profile (asked during registration and listed in the user’s settings page)? That is not really something we need to extract from the editor UI, which may not be the preferred contact language. For example:

Mapper since: August 14, 2005 Contributor terms: Accepted over 4 years ago Languages: en, fr
Details about iD editor users get publicly, permanently and silently logged with every edit – a privacy breach

Thanks for your comment, Richard.

Yes, I know that there are different standards/believes. Everybody who wants it is free to add more tags to a changeset (e.g. his exact current location, mood, last food and room temperature). It may help in QA, at least someone will find all that data useful.

Yes, I know that the tendency differs among countries/cultures. However, we are explicitly offering to contribute pseudonymous and our privacy policy makes it quite clear that this in fact is the case. Please let’s adjust the privacy policy then to not fool some people who have other expectations. And, of course, I would need to warn new users then that privacy is a value which is not respected by default in our project. And even that privacy policies are not worth the bytes they are written with. :-(

Once we even had anonymous contributions. The privacy policy mentions this and explains that the new pseudonymous mode is not much worse (“because revealing the user ID of a user making a change, is not deemed to present a serious privacy problem (a user ID does not necessarily need to reveal a user’s real name or any other personal information”). That is wrong now, because much more info + dynamic context is disclosed.

In your words: Please don’t assume that everyone shares your beliefs, especially given that you come from a country and culture known to be much less sensitive to these things than some other countries/cultures.

We want to be a project for everyone/everywhere, right? There might be people for whom pseudonymity is important – e.g. (but not only) if contributing to OSM is forbidden by law (China).

Details about iD editor users get publicly, permanently and silently logged with every edit – a privacy breach

@ImreSamru: if you need it for “data quality”, don’t do it publicly, permanently and silently.

  1. E.g. set up an external logging server which can only be accessed by some iD devs. Is it needed to log it publicly along with the OSM data in our planet which really everyone can access?
  2. delete the data as soon as it is not needed any more
  3. ask the users or at least tell them what will be, why, how long logged.

Please ask yourself for each single point: why is hurting our contributor’s privacy needed? And, of course, if you think you need to do so: ask!

Still, I do not really understand why you need each single user’s language info regarding the translation “duplicates”. Okay, I now read your text in issue 2449 again – okay, yes, in fact for this use logging the data to the planet is most easy for you, but is it justified? Really not. Not how it is done now. You could ask your users to voluntarily disclose more info than really needed to edit OSM. However, rather fix the translations before you release them and do not underestimate the power of our wiki-like contributor system: e.g. tagging errors (due to a bad translation) will be found and corrected – without all those downsides.

satellite image

you can find some help there:

Details about iD editor users get publicly, permanently and silently logged with every edit – a privacy breach

Thank you for your comments!

ImreSamu, yes, I know, JOSM also sends the language as changeset tag by default - but there is a difference: JOSM shows you the changeset tags (at least if you look at the other tabs in the changeset upload dialog), so the OSM contributor at least has a chance to be aware of it before uploading. The OSM contributor even could modify or completely remove this changeset tag. I guess a simple JOSM plugin even could easily switch this language tag off.

However, yes, I think the editor users should be made aware of those data or at least we need to update the privacy policy mentioning that out usual editors send their version and the used language as changeset tag.

getting started

the link? click my “YES” :-) If you would describe in a bit more detail what you want to do (API for what?), then I could provide you with a more deep link.