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Posted by apus_apus on 29 September 2012 in English (English)

Hello community,

should'nt there be a tag for real great irrigation sprinklers (for example as shown at

I think there should be a great circle round the irrigated field and a single radius from border to center.

Irrigation sprinklers which don't run over a complete circle may be mapped as circular sectors.

The tag may be


I mapped some examples at a site in Portugal.

Location: EN 353, Idanha-a-Nova, Uniao de Freguesias Idanha-a-Nova e Alcafozes, Idanha-a-Nova, Castelo Branco, Beira Interior Sul, Centro, Portugal

Comment from spark on 29 September 2012 at 12:59

I'm not a fan of the line from the border to the centre - if a sprinkler covers a full circle, just map it as a circle.

Comment from gileri on 29 September 2012 at 13:39

I would be for an "irrigated zone" area too. This would designate precisely the area, even if the sprinkler does an arc and not a full circle.

Comment from Sanderd17 on 29 September 2012 at 17:46

Probably I don't get it, but here, irrigation sprinklers are something that's easy movable, so farmers can use it on the fields where they need it.

If you do make it into a proposal, or document it, please make it very clear that it's only for fixed stuff. Nothing movable.

If you want to create a proposal, you can read this page: A proposal will make your tag better known, and you get a bit of "official support" from it.

If you don't have the time for a proposal, please do make a wiki page with a "documentation of use". Make a page and say "I use this tag for A and B, but it isn't good for C blablabla".

Comment from Sundance on 29 September 2012 at 22:31

This seems to be more an attribute of farmland so I'd do something like this.

landuse=farmland (perhaps meadow,vineyard,orchard as appropriate) irrigated=yes

The center you might do man_made=well if the center is a well or run a man_made=pipeline, type=water to the center from its origin.

Some of this seems to be an extension of farmland or of water network

Comment from Vincent de Phily on 30 September 2012 at 00:32

The border-to-center line makes no sense to map, since the "arm" is always moving.

I'd also rather tag the farmland or the field itself, rather than the irrigation mechanism... But it's true there's not a lot of detail to add beyond what Sundance pointed out.

Comment from LivingWithDragons on 2 October 2012 at 12:05

I've seen these sprinklers where the centre is fixed but it moves round, as I fly over other countries. Very noticeable from the air, as all the fields are round or an arc! But we don't want to get into mapping tractors.

I'm for mapping it with landuse=farmland, irrigated=yes. Maybe irragation_type=sprinkler_arm (or something) if you must.

From mapping each field as a farmland then the shapes will distinct which seems to be what you want.

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