Three-Day Road Trip = 8 New Gas Stations, 1 Deleted Gas Station, and 2 Numbered Stations

Posted by apm-wa on 2 March 2019 in English (English)

Business took me to Dashoguz for three days, including surveys of the surrounding area and observation of conditions in rural villages. In the course of travel I collected over 30,000 Mapillary images (now being uploaded, be patient!) plus eight previously unmapped gas stations. I also collected station numbers for two already on the map, and deleted station 40, since it has been demolished to make way for new residential apartment buildings.

My team and I also collected several dozen village names, as well as major streets and POIs in some of the towns and cities in Dashoguz province.

You might ask why gas station numbers are a focus. In Turkmenistan each station number is unique. If a traveler’s car breaks down, he will tend to look for the nearest gas station for help. If we have the database of gas station numbers in OSM, it will be easier for friends to find broken down motorists stranded at a gas station. We also collect hospitals and clinics, and map them, as well as police and government offices.

Location: Altynyol geneşligi, Daşoguz Region, Turkmenistan

Comment from Marych_ on 5 March 2019 at 13:10

Hi apm-wa! I’ve missed something, you say “My team and I also collected several dozen village names” You really have a team for OSM?

Comment from apm-wa on 5 March 2019 at 14:25

It’s an ad hoc “team”. My security officer insists that I travel with a security detail and chauffeurs, and another embassy officer has to come along as my “control officer”. With that many people riding along, there are lots of eyes to identify POIs, find street signs, city/town/village names, and so on. I punch the data into MAPS.ME while they point out things I miss. It’s a team effort. So no, there is not a permanent “team” for OSM, but the mapping is often a “team effort”. :-)

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